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Barretts making me sick?

Hi folks, diagnosed with Barretts just this week after endoscopy. I thought my problems were due to ulcers and was taking lansaprozole for approx 18 months. About 3 months back everything seemed to go wrong and I was feeling violently sick with awful pains in my abdomen. After 8 weeks my doctor changed the meds over to Ranitidine and after a few days the sickness and pain calmed down. I lost over half a stone in weight during this time.

Whilst reading other people's experiences i have only read about heartburn etc and not come across anyone experiencing similar problems to myself? Hope you're out there guys?

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Hi. I was diagnosed with Barrett's Osephogus and a hiatus hernia last November. I had not even heard of Barrett's before then and it was very scary. I am on Lanzaprazole 30 mg once a day. I am on a group on Facebook which is called Barrett's Esophagus Awareness which is brilliant and I have learnt everything I know from them. Would recommend this group. I try and eat little and often and avoid foods that give me acid. Do not eat two hours before bed and try and sleep propped up if you suffer with acid during the night. Hope that helps a bit xx


Hi bluewolf if u stay on ppi's u will never get better if u look at my Post's u willsee that I cured my daughter who had oesophagitis and was on waiting list for op,she takes no medication only one pillow had endoscopy to make sure what I was giving her wasn't masking the problem,Drs can't believe she has no acid reflux and no inflimation has now been taken of list for op cheers Fina's


Yes but has your daughter got Barrett's Oesophagus?


Hi karjade no she never had Barrett's but as long as u keep taking ppi then I think you know Wat's next.I don't know if you have seen my other posts about acid reflux And oesophagitis u will know it goes against the grain.with what I use but u will never get better if u stay on ppi' By stopping the reflux u take away the inflimation it's as clear as that.In fact it's the ppi's that's keeping this going,Please help yourself. All the best Fina's


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