Date for Dad's op!!!

Hi All,

my Dad has finally been given a date for his Thursday!! He finished his 3 months of chemo about 6 weeks ago and it appears that he had been forgotten! After nagging my Mum to give the hospital a call as we had heard nothing since he had a CT scan during his last week of chemo, they very quickly made him an appointment to discuss the surgery. Results from CT scan show his tumour has shrunk which is a relief and I think they are optimistic that they won't have to remove too much. So he has a pre-op this Thursday and then in next week. He has consciously put on half a stone in the last 6 weeks and is out walking regularly and on his exercise bike so fingers crossed he is in going into it with the best odds.

I will keep you all posted on how he does :-)

Thank you for all of your advice and reassurance so far

Nat xx

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  • Great news Nat! Will be thinking of you all x

  • Thank you xx

  • Hope all goes well x

  • Thank you x

  • Best wishes, sounds like he has made a good start. Perhaps one day he will look back like I am on an extra 23yrs. One step at a time!! it worked for me. Don't forget you need to look after yourself too. sally

  • That would be fantastic!!

  • That's fantastic news! Now starts the hardest bit, the bit where you give control over to others, I would say that was the hardest for me, to know that I would be dependant on others for everything for a few weeks was totally alien to me. That's probably why I had a reaction to the painkillers after the op and we convinced that not only had I not had an operation at all but the nhs was part of a bigger plan hatched by the IRA to kill me, .(ex forces served in NI ) it took my wife speaking to me at 3 in the morning to 'bring me down' and they they changed my painkillers. For me the first 13 days while I was in hospital was the hardest part, from then on I was in control of my own recovery or so I told myself. Prepare as much as you can beforehand , try to anticipate everything, and don't be too hard on yourself when you find in week one you can't take the dog for a walk around the block! Keep us informed, I'm sure the surgery will go well and his recovery will be swift, if he wants to chat at all just let me know :). Cheers. R

  • Thanks :-) Yes I think that being 'out of action' is what will be the hardest for my Dad too. He doesn't seem concerned about the op itself, if he doesn't make it through it he 'won't know anything about it anyway'. His main concerns are 'when will I be back on my feet' and 'when will I be able to eat again'. I have told him he will have to take recovery slow and steady but I know he won't!!

  • He sounds very much like me = :) I set myself goals from the start - to take the dog around the block, to eat a happy meal etc etc - I still can only just manage a happy meal but have just got back from cycling 15 miles, Im sure he will do well - it sounds like he has the right mental attitude to 'kick ass'

    best of luck - you may need it more than him if he is too much like me as you will get frustrated that he wont take it easy, he wont stay still and he wont listen :) happy days :)

  • Funny you should mention cycling, he wanted to go on a bike ride today but my Mum wouldn't let him as she doesn't want to risk him having an accident and not being able to have his op. He went for an hour and a half walk instead and said it's the first since chemo that hasn't got him out of breath. I just know there'll be that slight disappointment that having just recovered his fitness he will be back to scratch in a weeks time. Hopefully being fit will help get him through whats going to be a tough few months!!

  • Good luck to all of your family ~ we will be thinking of you x

  • That's good news !! keep us posted. x

  • Be strong and positive for him. It is a big op but i can look back now after having it 15mths ago and see how far i've come. You get a lot of answers on this site if you have a problem. Best wishes Debbie

  • Thank you :-) I'm glad you've come through it well too xxx

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