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Creon do they really help ?

I have been taking creon for 16 months post ok oesph. Cancer .my stools are light to mid brown and consistently float. My weight has remained constant since losing a stone post-op. Although I don't seem to have gained much energy. My dietician just says keep taking more tablets but I don't feel confident that they are working.any suggestions? ?

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If you are lacking energy you could ask for your Vitamin B12 level to be checked. I found mine post op to be low and was given a course of B12 injections

If you take iron tablets they could firm things up perhaps.

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Four years on my blood test showed iron and Vitamin D deficiency. Perhaps have those checked? Haward


I am taking them. 2 tablets - 3 times a day. They have made a difference.

There's been another thread here in which someone said they were taking a load.

I've not had my B12 levels tested since my recovery from the Ivor Lewis surgery I underwent. However, at that time B12 levels were high. I put this down to the Well Man Sports+ vitamins I've been taking religiously for years now.

Talk to your GP and/or specialist - I'm sure there's something here. I guess it does depend how much of your stomach is left.


Steattorhoea, which is the light brown, oily, floating stools, is an indication that fat is not being digested properly, and Creon is one of the ways of redressing the imbalance in your system. I have heard of people who take quite large amounts of Creon with no detrimental effects, in the short term at least. I would not worry about exceeding the normal dose as such but it is always best to do this under guidance, which you are already receiving.

The lack of energy may well be a different issue. Always worth having your vitamin and mineral levels checked.


It seems that your new digestive system isn't able to handle fatty foods. I have no idea why this happens, but I have the same issue. I was hoping that Creon would help with this, but it hasn't. You are fortunate to not have lost more weight this past year--I am still struggling with just trying to maintain my weight, but would like to gain back some of what I lost.

Sorry--can't answer your question about the effectiveness of Creon, as I have the same question.



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