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Dad going through Hell

Dad was initially diagnosed with cancer in March. Was then told in April it had spread to his liver and stomach so was now stage 4 with a 1-2 year survival rate. He had his first chemo (EOX) in May which left him so ill we had to take him to A&E 3 times in 4 days as he couldn't keep any food/water/pills down and he could hardly move. After about a week or so, he got better, and by the end of the third week he was eating again, happy, feeling relatively 'normal' He had his second lot of treatment last week, and whilst he hasn't been sick (he got given new pills), he feels absolutely awful, in some ways he wants to be sick. The acid is horrific and he can't stop belching and hiccuping which in turn makes him nauseus. He cannot take gaviscon as it causes insomnia. He is also suffering from depression this time - my dad has no time for mental health (i have suffered depression before so i know how horrible it is) and that's the worse thing. He won't get out of bed, he doesn't want to do anything, is hardly talking, doesn't see the point in eating or drinking as he can't taste it. It's horrible. He has stopped taking any of his pills until he sees the consultant tomorrow - and he has a CT scan next week - i'm hoping if the scan shows the chemo is doing something, it might psychologically help him push through.

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I am sorry your Dad is so poorly and despondent. All you can do is be there for him, wish I could offer some relevant advice but I hope the scan gives him hope and the will to fight.


How did your Dad get on with his CT scan Moosey. Keeping you in our thoughts x

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He hasn't had it yet. He's got an appointment with the consultant tomorrow where he's going to try and get all the information he can to make an informed decision about whether to carry on with treatment or not (unless the consultant can change his mind, we're fairly certain he's not going to). And his CT scan is Thursday morning, so fingers crossed that shows the treatment is working.

Thanks for thinking of us x

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So sorry to hear about your Dads demise, I am almost two years post op for oesophageal cancer, and I would have to say that the depression and feelings of life not being worth living were indeed the most difficult things to get past. I did find it a big struggle and still do periodically.

Of course your Dad is going to feel depressed and negative about things, but you really must try to do everything you can to make him pull out of it and don't give up hope, things can and do change but Dad must be positive and want to fight for life.

And it must start with getting out of bed and taking his medication, I Know it's easy for me to say.

But good luck with everything and best wishes to you both


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