Stretta procedure

I am new to this forum and was diagnosed with hiatus hernia, gastritis and acid reflux following a gastroscopy. I've also had manonetry and PH tests and barium swallow. Tomorrow I have a Stretta procedure and would be grateful if anyone can tell me about what happens afterwards. I will be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks then 6 weeks on soft food. I'm already very thin but hoping this will help. Can anyone give some advice?

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  • Hi. I wish you all the best with the stretta procedure. May if you are in the UK.

  • There is a brief description of the Stretta procedure in Chris Robinson's book 'Down With Acid' that you can obtain through the Barrett's Wessex website or from free e-books:

  • Thank you so much. All went well. Feeling a bit sore now but on liquid diet now and hoping for the best!

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