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Stretta procedure

I am new to this forum and was diagnosed with hiatus hernia, gastritis and acid reflux following a gastroscopy. I've also had manonetry and PH tests and barium swallow. Tomorrow I have a Stretta procedure and would be grateful if anyone can tell me about what happens afterwards. I will be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks then 6 weeks on soft food. I'm already very thin but hoping this will help. Can anyone give some advice?

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Hi. I wish you all the best with the stretta procedure. May if you are in the UK.


There is a brief description of the Stretta procedure in Chris Robinson's book 'Down With Acid' that you can obtain through the Barrett's Wessex website or from free e-books:



Thank you so much. All went well. Feeling a bit sore now but on liquid diet now and hoping for the best!

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Im considering Stretta and would appreciate any information you can provide regarding the procedure and recovery. Hope you are symptom free soon.


Hi I am 4 months on from the procedure and am feeling much better. I can eat most things now and my taste has returned to normal . I still have to be careful about how much I eat. If I start to feel full I stop and I don't eat after 7. O clock at night if I can help it. I take 300mg Ranitidine daily and manage problems with Rennies as I hate gaviscon. This regime is working well. That procedure itself was straightforward and lasted about 40 mins I think. I had a double dose of sedative before the start. It was just like a gastroscopy but there were several pulses of microwave activity. It was slightly uncomfortable but not at all painful. The whole thing took about an hour and I then went to a recovery bay for another couple of hours after which I went home. I was on a liquids only diet for 2 weeks soup and milky drinks basically, lost weight and felt a bit weak. Then 3 weeks of sloppy foods yoghurts, mashed up food etc. Had no discomfort but a few problems going to the loo! All sorted now and feeling much better. Putting a bit of weight back on. I lost over a stone all told and I'm thin to start with. Got more energy now and enjoying life. I had a 3 month review at the hospital and I'm signed off. Still get some acid reflux and heartburn occasionally but liveable with. I would recommend it. It's non invasive and it works, though I have no idea how. Mr. Viswanath says I will continue to improve so hope he is right. Good luck. Thinking of you.


Many thanks for this information. Its really helpful to hear from someone who has experienced it. I do hope your recovery continues to progress well, delighted the procedure has worked for you.


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