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Help required

I joined this site about a year ago, in the hope of hearing from someone that had similar symptoms. My son now 52 is vomiting at least once a week with thick green bile, He is trying to hold down a job that requires presentations from time to time and doesn't know when these symptoms will occur, has been diagnosed with Barrets Oesophagus, Gerd and Hiatus hernia, is there anyone out there that can give us some help.

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My wife was diagnosed with Barrett's on April 2016. This year her endoscopy was similar to the last year: Metaplasia.

If your son has metaplasia, he needs to find the cause of his GERD and probably he needs a surgery for his hernia. The GERD is probably the main cause of his Barrett's and the hernia probably the cause of his vomits (or gastritis, or H.Pilori, etc.).

I could recommend you to use Omeprazol or other similar drugs, lifting up the bed head and eating no later than 18:00; but a medical specialist is who must check him and establish a treatment for him.

When my wife was diagnosed with Barrett's our world fell in pieces, but after reading a lot of experiences and reading a lot on statistics, we are confident it will not progress to more serious things.


Thank you for your suggestions, I will pass them on.


Hi I've not been on for a while,my daughter had terrible acid reflux and was taking at least 5 amoprizole a day,she also had stage2 oesophagitis had to sit up in bed because acid would come up into her lungs she would be coughing all night and I mean all night.Was on waiting list to have operation .I told Dr I would get this sorted and I have She is not on any medication sleeps with only one pillow no acid reflux and oesophagitis and took off list for op Drs are amazed had endoscopy all clear no inflimation


Thank you for your reply I will pass it on.


So glad that your daughter is doing better, now! What did you do differently that she is now able to eat normally, be off meds, and only have one pillow? Did you try a homeopathic treatment? Did she have a successful surgery? Any advice is appreciated!


Hi Tlynn89. What I done is only aimed at people who suffer from acid reflux/eosophagitis is this what you have


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