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Brachytherapy hopes of shrinking cancer!

Recently my Wife Dorothy was told to attend freeman hospital for Brachytherapy treatment. Taking in to account her c.o.p.d. asthma, heart failure and she has diabetes2. Diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus dec 2016.

The brachytherapy did not happen and she was told will get her back in hospital soon to put another stent in instead as has growth over top of first stent!. She just feels let down that no radiology was done!. She was told it would be done in the future!.

Can't fault medical staff they were great with Dorothy. But though this is a risk to her quality of life if done she wanted to get cancer in some kind of control with brachytherapy radiation internally next to tumour.

Anyone had similar experience!

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I cannot comment about the brachytherapy because I do not now about it. But one interpretation of events might be that the specialist pre-treatment checks revealed that the treatment would not be likely to be successful, at the moment, or that there are greater priorities in the treatment pathway.

It is very frustrating when this happens and I do hope that things go as well as they can for you both. It is a great deal to come to terms with it all, and you are quite right in mentioning the quality of life as a big issue. Every patient is different in some way. These therapies are never easy and there is a balance between the pain and discomfort created by the treatment against the benefits in combatting the disease itself.

All best wishes to you both.

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