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Digestive problems any way you can think of it

Never ever in my life gotten sick until 5 years ago and now every day is a living that is so painfull that my life have changed 360 degrees from the pain that I go through every day I see nothing but specialists I have taken all kinds of MRI CT endoscopy colonoscopy, barium study ,oesophageal study, ultra sound so many meds doctors still tells me nothing wrong with you ,when I eat the food stuck in throat,I'm always bloated sometimes I feel I'm gonna blow up. I have fibromyalgia,tmj,arthritis in my neck and body dry eyes disease,divertecolosis this just a few of what I have

How can someone get this sick and never been sick before I'm 58years old

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Eat small, soft, regular meals. Make sure you keep your fluids up. Have you had blood tests as well to check your iron, bit D and B? Also try eating with a highly carbonated drink, just a small quantity. Also try Gaviscon before meals. If you are still in pain ask for an oesophageal stretch or at least measurement to make sure it is normal width.

I too went through loads of tests, was eventually diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, which I'd had for about 18 months before it was diagnosed. Don't want to alarm you but sometimes things do get missed. Mind you if you have had a PEP scan and CT scan anything nasty would have shown up.


Thank you for your reply, but every thing you've said is done as a matter of a fact just had endoscopy last week and the GI stretched my oesophageal so the food can go through easily done all kind of tests thank GOD no cancer I have a embilica and stomach herenias it's just so unreal I'm gonna start looking for natural remedies and see if I find a cure because I want to get to the cause root of the desease not just take drugs just drug me out for awhile and then back to square one

Thank you for your reply


"Never ever in my life gotten sick until 5 years ago and now every day is a living that is so painfull that my life have changed 360 degrees"

In engineering terms, things change due to something being changed.

Can you think what you changed or somebody else changed 5 years ago? House move. Carpet replaced. New Car. Diet? Anything that changed, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

It may be that something is making you unwell in your environment and not in your insides.


Has your thyroid been checked?




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