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Creon tablets

I had the op. For oesophageal cancer about 16 months ago my problem now is non absorption of fats ( my stools are pale and they float) I am taking Creon tabs. With every meal about 20 a day but nothing has really changed but my weight although a stone and a half less since op. Has remained constant. I just wonder if the tabs are working. The dietician keeps saying carry on take more! But I'm not convinced. What else is there? Any suggestions. I'm 75 and have always been fit and looked after myself.

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I had an IL 3 years ago and I have EPI and have to take Creon. It is a learning process and I've had to learn how many to take depending on the meal. I need more with say fish and chips and less with a salad. My dietician says I need to take it even with snacks. I don't get diarrhea like I used to so they have worked, but like you it hasn't made much difference as regards weight gain.


This seems to be a not unusual problem I have it from time to time. If you are not in pain or discomfort it may be not a problem you can't live with.

You could ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist. He may recommend a test for bile acid malabsorption and faecal elastase.

You could try probiotics my specialist recommended Symprove.

Good luck


If you still have the steattorhea (posh name for non absorption of fats - pale, floating stools) you do still have to do something to try and get a good digestive balance back. I would look carefully at the instructions for the Creon to make sure you are taking it at the right time in relation to your eating. As these things are a balance it would make sense to try and follow the advice that the dietician gave you, and then return for a review if this has not worked.

It is a good thing that your weight is steady now. The dietician might also have given advice about whether your diet might be adjusted? Personally I would be very wary of trying to eat more fat in order to try and match a previous weight target when you might be perfectly OK at a new normal, lighter, weight. Lighter weight is not in itself a sign of poor health, but you may need different clothes.

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What dose are you taking? 20 a day is ridiculous. I had the same surgery and lost about 10kg. Weight is now stable. I tried creon tablets just 2 a day with meals. Didn't have much effect. Try bananas, ferrograd c with iron and Nexium if you are not already taking it.


My Dad(75) was told by dietitian that you cannot overdose on Creon. He had same problem, with mal absorption, and takes 3 creon with every meal, and 1 with snacks. he had his stomach removed in 2015, and lost 1.5 stone weight. Creon can also be used in powder form which might make it more effective, as capsule is not much use if you have no stomach as its purpose is to protect enzymes contents from stomach acid. Ask your doctor.


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