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Acid supressed .. think ive got bile reflux

Hi All. I wrote a post the other day about cheaper treatment in france. Done nothing on this yet .. simply keeping idea in mind. In that post i stated i have large rollin hh .. seriously dilated oesoph .. bad reflux .. severe oesoph narrowin (had stretch) and take 20mm omprez 1/day. I mentioned barrets in that post. I may have misled. Far as im aware i dont have barrets. What i meant to say is that i dont want my condition to develop into BO - hence me suggesting private endos to monitor situation. Im at Kings College london this pm .. i believe they are considering me for a nissen to treat my hh. That aside .. it seems that if i eat too late i wake up after a few hours sleep with a foul taste in my mouth. Is it bile. Its vile. Eating a banana helps rid the taste. I dont eat late often and i wont now but i also noticed that a couple of days after this bad taste occurence i get thick phlegm for a day or 2. If i dont eat late and go into the evening on water alone i dont get bad taste. Any comment/advice please. Is bile a problem. Regards to all. Gary

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Bile reflux can taste really foul. The hospital can give you a test to establish whether it is bile or acid reflux.

Personally I would concentrate on establishing whether you have some digestive problem that is causing these symptoms, and trying to get your hiatus hernia repaired. If you can do that, the issue about Barrett's Oesophagus would take care of itself, especially if it is not complicated by any dysplasia.

I would try sleeping propped up with pillows or the bed head / mattress raised.


Bricks under the bed work better. Raises the bed without giving you a sore neck from the pillows.


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