Is it Acid Reflux?

I went to the ER about 6 days ago, couldn't breathe. Thought it was an asthma attack. My throat was really tight. ER doctor couldn't find anything. Next day went to my GP and told him my symptoms. I am throwing saliva like stuff. My throat is tight almost all day. Sometimes not so much and other times like I can't breathe. Slight tightness in my chest and constant clearing of my throat. Also my mouth is making a lot of Saliva and it seems to get stuck in my throat.

Doctor said it was acid reflux and gave me Omezprole. But its been 5 days and still feel all these symptoms. Will they go away?

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  • It might take a while longer for the medication to work. Meanwhile try taking Gaviscon as well (it works differently from Omeprazole which you should continue with). There is clearly something not right though. It is possible to have tests for how acid your saliva etc is. But it is standard to return to your GP if the first strategy has not worked.

  • Went today and GP said it could take up to 30 days for the Omeprazole. And to watch might diet. But 30 days with this tightness in my throat, its scaring me now. I don't know if i can wait 30 days.

  • I take Omaprazole for the same symptoms, I am trying to avoid as many sweets chocolates cakes and biscuits, as lately most sweet things leave a lingering horrible taste in my mouth.. like you I am forever clearing by throat.. Omaprazole has helped over the years clearing problems with my osophagus inflammation, but have now been told long term not good for bone density.. so it's a bit of Hobson choice for me.. so I still taking it at the moment and trying to up vitamins and food to help my bones..sorry I can't really help..have you had endoscopes, I've had three over the years and the last result showed no inflammation present..

  • no I have not have an endoscope. Did the tightness in the throat ever go away. Its been six days and I get it frequently during the day.

  • Well it's more like a lump in throats and I a,ways need to sit upright at table to eat main meal if I jelly or mashed potatoes sometimes swallowing can make me hickup.. so mine is ongoing But my last endoscopy showed infamation had gone..that was two years ago ..I also,have a gallbladder full,or little gallstones which may be reason for,the horrible taste in my mouth but at this stage have decided against an op as I only get the acute pain seldom... the first endoscopy several years ago showed a small hiatus hernia, the last one didn't show it..didn't know that a hernia could heal itself tho

    Hope you feel better soon, but endoscopy shows up any problems


  • thats good too hear, I might need to get an endoscopy.

  • Also make sure you are getting plenty of rest. If you are tired your throat may feel right. I would definitely look into an oesophageal stretch. I work with a woman who has one every couple of months. I can't remember what her condition is but it is not cancer related.

  • I been getting a few hours of sleep, more now. I'll look into that.

  • If you are having trouble swallowing food try drinking a highly carbonated drink like coke ir lemonade. Just a small amount with your meals.

  • no trouble swallowing. just tightness.

  • Request a gastroscopy. You may need an oesophageal stretch, quite painless. Also ask for a swallowing test and x-ray of the throats and upper oesophagus.

  • thanks I'll keep that in mind.

  • Could also be related to anxiety. Are you anxious? This can also cause acid reflux. If this might be a cause you could try natural relaxation therapies bought o we the counter. Also, yoga and meditation.

  • I do get panic attack. but I dont think its that. The tightness is almost all day. And I feel queezy. When I throw up I feel better sometimes, and its like clear mucus or saliva.

  • but my mom has been making do breathing exercises when ever my throat gets really tight. Sometimes it helps. But when I get a panic attack when my throat is tight, it also helps it. I really don't know anymore, because even burping calms it done for a few minutes. Doctor gave me a GI cocktail mouth wash which numbs my throat for a while.

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