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Osophegal junction outflow obstruction

Hi I'm new looking for some support and loads of issues with tummy got mammotary done and dr Sao the pressure is very high and muscle not open ending to allow food to pass. Been taking calcium channel blocker but no improvement. I have this constant feeling of pressure in my chest and horrible taste in my mouth. Dr is thinking about trying Botox injection. Can't really find any info about this condition dr said it's only been Aron d for few years. Scared of what my future means with this will I stop being able to eat and drink 😩

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If you have had a manometry test done, that should give the doctor good information about how the muscles in your oesophagus are working. It sounds as if you might be suffering from achalasia of some sort. It might be that food is not passing through into your stomach and is fermenting in your oesophagus and leading to you wanting to regurgitate it.

There is a leaflet and a booklet that can give you more information on the OPA website:


You will have to be very careful about what you eat, and the speed at which you eat, but there are various procedures and options that can give you relief from this condition. It is rare, and it is invariably a good thing to try and find an experienced specialist doctor. Botox is one of the methods that can be used to try and give some relief for a while.

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Parts two and three will be posted shortly.


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