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Oesophaggeal inoperable swallowing problems worsening!

My wife Dorothy was diagnosed Dec 2016. Cancer!.

Dorothy's world is upside down and for all the family too!.

She was given recently by oncologist some anti sickness Lansoprazole 30mg and Metoclopramide 10 mg tabs. Only been 2 days ago. But she is not managing to eat or drink much at all. Has been on anti biotic for urine infection. Still gets regurgitation! !. Doesn't get to her stomach!.

Told Doctor's and given tablets mentioned above, she can't swallow!!!.

It just does not seem to have any light at end of tunnel.

Cannot manage surely when not getting food (mainly Soups) or water, any fluid in lately. Can anyone shed any light on what can be done?

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So sorry to hear Dority's diagnosis. You have not mentioned if she has had chemo or any other treatment so I can only assume nothing has been done as yet.

If that is the case & Dorithy is still able to drink liquids I recommend contacting the dietician & getting some nutridrinks. These will ensure Dorithy gets the nutrients she needs. If her swallowing gets worse Andover you have more concerns then go speak to your consultant, find out what their plan is and whether they are looking at putting in a stent, this is not a comfortable procedure and is not done lightly from what I have been told, I asked for one as after radiation I was unable to eat or drink and became dehydrated but the hooked me to an IV and waited until the irritated scar healed.

I hope you are able to sort this out for your wife and I hope you have support, if not, then I would advise you to contact Macmillan nurses. They are trained and have a wealth of knowledge.

All the best & take care



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Hi thankyou for your comments.

Dorothy had endoscopy camera and had stent fitted in feb 2017. Recent CT scan showing some growth over stent. Waiting for call today from specialist gastrology nurse. See what they have planned.


She had stent fitted in Feb 2017 this has some tumour growth over it already!. Recently a&e visit due to feeling like her throat was closing up. Got anti sickness meds to try recently.

Been in contact macmillan nurses and seeing macmillan counselor . She cant shake the fear of what is to happen.

Cannot have chemo, operation.

May get Brachytherapy ie:- radation from inside close to tumour.


I have botox injections in to my eosghogus and he really helps


ask if she can have a nasal gastric tube and have liquid food pumped through.

The tube is inserted up the nose and down into the stomach. There is a special pump that pushes the food through at varying speeds set by the user.

My grandson had one when he was undergoing chemo treatment and was unable to swallow food.

We are in New Zealand, so I don't know how your system works, but we had this funded and all provided by the health service

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Has your wife had an endoscopy to see if her oesophagus is becoming blocked? It sounds similar to my mother's situation. She was diagnosed with a tumour in her oesophagus, which was the reason for her food not going down and her coughing it back up. She had a stent inserted so that she could eat. Wishing you all the best.


Thankyou for your thoughts!.

Had endoscopy previously on 2 occasions.

Our thoughts are very dark,always thinking worst and going to lose her to it!. Trying to be positive in our thinking.

X she had stent in feb 2017


Meds can be in liquid form. Is your wife having a rig/feeding tube put in? I would chase up with her Oncologist asap.

Hope this helps


Just read above comments, sorry. So all meds should be liquid (or available in a injection) and be able to go through her rig/stent. Make sure your wifes GP is aware of this, some of them are not as bright as you think!

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Hi Dorothy has been to see oncologist .

Waiting for confirmation can have Brachytherapy ie:- internal radiation to shrink tumour. Will not be able to eat normally ever, due to stent put in in feb 2017. But hoping for some improvement eventually after treatment.

Thankyou everyone for your thoughts.


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