'Please offer me a seat' scheme

'Please offer me a seat' scheme

One of the ideas that our friend Larry Rees had, but sadly he did not live to see it implemented, was a badge that could be worn by cancer sufferers who have to travel by public transport to and from their treatment, but sometimes have to stand because no seats are available. Pregnant women have had the 'Baby on Board' badges for some years and that can be a very visible sign that they need a seat; but sometimes cancer treatment can make you feel weak and wretched even though you look all right on the outside.

I am really pleased that Transport for London have now introduced a scheme that should help with this problem on a wider basis than just for cancer patients. Here is a link if you need it:


The last time I saw Larry was when he was making his way into an Underground station after we had had lunch together and I am sure he would be really pleased if this scheme helped others who faced the same difficulty making their way home.

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  • Brilliant idea Alan, although Larry was always good at spotting something to help others. Many people have a lot of stress without it showing, just going to appointments and having treatment. Give up this seat to a pensioner doesn't work for younger patients. I remember saying to David Kirby once that I can always guarantee a seat on a train as I have survived this long enough to become a white haired wrinkled old lady.!! Never cease to be amazed at the speed and kindness of the people who offer me a seat. I'm not sure if this is because I might be more trouble if I fall over! Best wishes to you both Sally


  • How i needed this when i was travelling by tube for chemo and felt ill. Shame he didn't get to use it. Also we don't always show it on the outside what is going on inside our bodies. Brilliant idea.


  • That is a brilliant idea


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