Recurrence of OC

Hi Everyone

I've just had confirmation today that my OC has come back. I'm 10 months post-op and devastated to say the least.

I have 2 lymph nodes locally and one distal lymph node plus the site around the anastomosis showing signs of being PET avid!

I have an appoIntent in two weeks with the consultant to discuss my treatment plan.

I just want to know if there is anyone out there who has survived a recurrence of that s bloody disease!

Thanks. Jacqui

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  • Jaqui, I have had an (IVOR LEWIS) esophagectomy. If I had not had this I would not be here. This was done in 2009. You can always beat it, stay positive.

  • Hi Ian

    Thanks for the reply. I had the IL in June 2016 but I am trying to stay positive.


  • Yes there are! I even know of one lady whose cancer returned long after she had thought herself clear having had an oesophagectomy. It was devastating news of course, but her treatment with chemo-radiotherapy (around 5 years ago) was absolutely successful.

    I am sorry to hear your news; it will be a great test of stamina and resilience for you, and you do have to be realistic. I do not think it makes it any easier at all that you have gone through all the treatment / chemotherapy before, and you will have to listen carefully to what the doctors say. The outcome will be a very personal thing relating to your situation, and you should not worry about statistics at all as they become meaningless in this situation.

  • Hi Alan

    I appreciate you coming back to me and it is good to hear of people who have survived this awful disease twice!

    I am a tough old thing and, in the main, very positive. I think you are right about statistics too.

    I intend to keep fighting and the OPA has been an absolute godsend.

    Thank you. Jacqui

  • My husband had the operation last June and past a way December 23 was told cancer free devastated and we were so positive

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Cancer is such a brutal disease and is so indiscriminate when it strikes.

    My thoughts are with you on your own tough journey. Jacqui

  • Hi Jaqui, I am one of the very lucky ones I have survived it twice, the first time was 24 years ago and now I've reached the 5 year mark. Christine.

  • Hi Christine

    Wow - you are a true survivor and I will take heart from that. Glad to know you are doIng well. Jacqui

  • Sorry to hear that Jacqui. Try remaining Positive i know it"s the waiting game again and such a big blow.

    Take Care

    Good Luck


  • Thanks Debbie it's means such a lot when people respon. Here's to being positive! Jacqui

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