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Reflux Diagnosed

I have just been diagnosed with Reflux--I have had a feeling of mucus at the back of my throat for years and have been treated with Antihistamine tablets but have never noticed an improvement, however recently along with the feeling at the back of my throat I developed a croaky voice and needed to keep clearing my throat. I always feel as though I have cold all the time . When I was diagnosed with Reflux I thought the Dr had made a mistake because I thought reflux came with acid causing pain. Can I ask if others have the symptoms I have described and what ate you treated with and what dietary advise have you been given ? Many thanks for your help

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Hi. How was your reflux diagnosed. My symptoms was exactly the same as yours to start with for about 3 years. Then the throat was incredibly sore about 6 month ago. Now I have chronic back pain and lower esophagus discomfort with asthma type symptoms from start to finish of the day. I have read many people only get in in the throat known as lpr. There are very useful closed groups on Facebook related to these terrible afflictions. I don't know if I allowed to mention them here. Have you been prescribed an uh medication.


My GP referred me to the hospital as soon as I mentioned having a croaky voice for the past two months. the consultant inserted a tube with a camera attached through my nose and into my throat (sounds worse then it was) He the said I had reflux. I was then sent for a swallow test where I had to swallow a really thick liquid while my throat was being xrayed. I am waiting for the results of that . I wasn't surprised when the Consultant said it was reflux because I had read a report on silent reflux or as the Dr who wrote it called it 'Throat burn' and every symptom he described I could relate to. I have a problem at the moment in terms of what medication to take since I have a low kidney function and every medication the consultant looked at wasn't suitable --so I am to see my GP on Tuesday hoping they have put their heads together and found something I can take. It is interesting to hear you developed a sore throat because my throat has been sore for the past week . I also have some sleep apnea that I understand is being linked to reflux.


I suspect that a large number of people on this site, including myself, can relate to the symptoms you describe. The swallow test is probably to check whether there is any constriction in your oesophagus, or problem with the sphincter valve at the top of your stomach.

In terms of diet, the usual advice is to follow a low fat, low sugar diet, avoid too much red meat and not to over eat. In terms of medication, the usual treatment is PPI's (proton pump inhibitors, e.g. omeprazole, lansoprazole) or ranitidine (e.g. Zantac).

Hope all goes well.

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