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Hi all

I went for a gall bladder scan today and the doctor said that I need a long tube down the throat (bad memory for names here) as he thinks that I oesophagusitus? Spelling or an ulcers or something similar. I am on many meds for cronic pain. I have constant pain below my ribs in the middle and matching in my back. Sometimes I can not wear clothes as that makes it worse. I have looked it up and terrified myself. I have so many of the symptoms. Please can anyone help me? Thank you

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Hi Julse, I think the test the Doctor wants to do is an endoscopy. It's a long thin tube with a tiny camera in the end, and the doctor can put it down your throat and look around inside you to see what's causing your pain. It's not painful, but can be unpleasant, but if you ask for a sedative it's much better, and you won't remember much about it, and it will all be over quickly.

It's important to find out exactly what your problem is, so it can be treated properly, and an endoscopy is the best way to find out what's going on.

You say you get pain in your back as well. I believe that can mean a duodenal ulcer. But I'm not a doctor. But whatever it is, it's better to get it treated, than be in pain.

Good luck



Thank you Jane. The pain feels like I am being pierced straight through my chest. My oesophagus feels like it is on fire too.

This is the last thing I expected when I went for a scan not my gall bladder.

Your calm and very informative answer really helps x


Endoscopies can sound scary, but ask for a sedative rather than just a throat spray. I was really worried when I had one, but I did not feel anything, even afterwards.

It will enable the doctors to see exactly what is happening and to start to put things right. It will also enable the doctors to explain how you can try and improve how you feel.


Thank you. I think that it is the fear of the unknown and the pain which have my anxiety levels through the roof. I really appreciate your advise. Thank you


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