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Many people refer to the issues around the effects of chemotherapy on mental clarity and so on, and it is not always taken seriously. There has just been a study that shows that people are indeed affected by chemotherapy (chemobrain) for a while, so it should not be dismissed as simply over-active imagination. Some people are affected more than others, but they do not really know why. Nor is it clear what can be done about it in practical terms, but it may be of some consolation to know that it is not just imagination /stress.


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Thank you for the post. I have discussed with my Surgeon and Oncologist the effects of my ECX Chemo on me. In particular the Cisplatin. I did not tolerate that ad it eventually led to the chemo being halted both Pre & Post Op. Two years on and I still have short term memory issues and tiredness that wipes me out. I am convinced that both stem from the chemo. The memory issues are troubling and difficult to sum up. But I will often start a spoken sentence, before inexplicably losing my thread and having to pause or stop and apologise to the audience. It can be as bad as: I was speaking to Fred last when F.............. and it's gone. I simply cannot recall Fred's name in the space of a few seconds, I have lost it. It will come back and it usually does. But in a work scenario it causes very real issues for me and others. I now find that I sometimes do not speak (when perhaps I should) just to avoid the awkwardness, should I lose my thread.

In the greater scheme it is small issue. I survived and I am here. But I am different and I didn't really want that bit. I certainly do not want people to treat me as if I am infirm or ga ga.



Yes, very interesting indeed. I also think that the surgery itself including the massive sedation required has a long-lasting effect. I certainly was 'on a trip' post op!!!!

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Everyone seems to have a different reaction. I was fine throughout five chemo cycles. I lost a few white blood cells at the end but basically I slept through the treatment and had no side effects.



I,m almost 4 1/2 years post treatment.have been struggling with fatigue and brain fog most of the time.like Bruce work can some times become like a comedy show.Im wating for blood test results as it seens too have become worse in the last few weeks.I,ve noticed in the lanzreprozle leaflet that long term use can affect Magnisium levels.Dont know if GP would test for this level. Anyone been along a similar path.



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