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Reflux/phlegm .. a sprat NOT to catch a mackerel

Hi .. im male .. 59yrs .. got large rolling hiatus hernia .. severe oesoph narrowing (had stretch) .. had endoscs and no C detected (opa members were a massive help to me during that time).. on 20mg omeprezol/day .. on london nhs waiting list for nissen hiatus op. I still get some reflux hopefully not acidic. Im fit .. feel fine in myself .. eat sensibly to minimise swallowing issues. Recently ive noticed that i bring up very thick green phlegm .. not alot but a couple of times/day. I dont have a cold, dont feel tired , no probs breathing , run and generally feel well. I have some recollection reading reflux can affect lungs and i wondered if the phlegm was a sign of lung related issues coming my way. Hopefully not. Any info much appreciated. Cheers and good health to all. Thanks Gary ps once i have more info i shall be using opa more intensely to get the lowdown on my hiatus op.

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I'd get the phlegm checked out if I were you, if it's green you could have an infection. Reflux can affect the lungs, l have COPD - not sure if that's how I got it but I know that phlegm that isn't clear in colour can signify a lung infection. I'm still a bit of a novice where lung conditions are concerned - I'm classed as mild COPD but 'I believe' some infections can damage the lungs and should be treated with antibiotics even if you don't feel ill. Better safe than sorry I think.


I agree with Magpuss, it sounds like an infection somewhere. Are you coughing up the phlegm?

Or is it coming from your stomach? Anyway, see your GP.

Good luck.


Yes, I think it is wise to get the phlegm checked. Repairs of hiatus hernia do become necessary when they reached a certain stage. There is a reluctance to refer patients because laparoscopic surgery, whilst a great advance on open surgery, can result in recurrence, say ten years later. But nowadays the Linx magnetic bracelet may be an option for the anti reflux element of the surgery. You may need a discussion with a specialist surgeon rather than GP.


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