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2 weeks post op

My husband had the Ivor Lewis op two weeks ago. It was a bumpy start (see my previous post) but he is now walking about, eating quite well without discomfort. His test results show an infection that they are trying to pinpoint but it is most probably a chest infection. He is on antibiotics and seems well if a little tired. 50 lymph nodes were taken and everything has come back clear which is great news. Looking forward to having him back home and feeling very grateful for such a good outcome.

Best wishes to everyone on the forum and thank you again for your advice and support. I'll try and post an update in a couple of months.

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wishing you both all the best on the road ahead, just remember to take tiny steps 😊

best wishes

Edwina xx

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Thank you Edwina. X

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Hi that's great news about your husband - I am 4 weeks post surgery myself. It's a long road to recovery my hardest time whilst in hospital but I shouldn't complain my surgery was text book including my healing. I to had an infection on my lung which was preventing it inflating fully so was slightly breathless - hoping the antibiotics I was on have shifted it - I'm just awaiting an X-ray now to confirm.

They removed 23 of my lymph nodes, 22 clear but one indicated the presence of cancer. As great news that is having so many clear indicating that we've caught it in time - the surgeon has recommended based on the one that I now need to go down the chemo route as a mopping up exercise as such. I was hoping i wouldn't have had to go down that route but I completely understand the reasoning behind it and the removal of any further risks.

I wish your husband all the best and as other said those tiny steps will eventually in a few months time make all the difference!

Best wishes



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That is good news that he is doing so well. It is a complicated bit of surgery that he has gone through, and you will need to take things very steadily. It is trial and error, and you will get things wrong from time to time, and you do also need reserves of resilience in taking care of each other. But many other people have come through this very successfully and there is no reason not to aim for that for yourselves also.

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