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Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma Cancer

Hi I'm looking for help on Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma, my uncle had the Ivor Lewis Oesophagectomy procedure in April 2016, we have now been told the cancer has spread to his chest, abdomen and pelvis, doctors have said they can operate and said this terminal, we are looking for alternative therapy or second opinion from another consultant

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Morning. Speak to your consultant and GP as soon as possible and ask for a second opinion. They should react quickly to such a request. Good luck. I am thinking of you. I'm four years post op and always worry about the thing returning. Haward


Hi i had op march 2016 and was T1 no spread to lymph nodes. I had scan 2 weeks ago to find lymph nodes up in chest and probably secondary cancer. I was offered chemo straight away but wanted a re scan as i had had chest/cough virus and wondered if it could have been infection. It is such a shock.



I am presuming that you were meaning that the surgeons CANNOT operate.

Sometimes this type of diagnosis is difficult to come to terms with

Undergoing surgery would not remove the cancer and stop it spreading, and the surgeon would be likely to say that it is not ethical to put a patient through all that the surgery entails without the hope of a cure. So what counts, really, is to try and achieve the best quality of life for as long as reasonably possible.

Your uncle will have some opinions on how he should try and enjoy the remainder of his life; and not everyone wants to undergo treatment that might be distressing. Pain management is a crucial factor, and normally the hospices are best at this.

I am sorry to say that I do not think that that there will be any viable alternative therapy, but there may wll be things that can be tried that would give your uncle comfort.

It is also important to find someone to talk through the implications of the situation you find yourselves in. Places like Maggie's Centres or cancer treatment centres normally have trained counsellors available. People do find talking it through in this way remarkably helpful, including how best to give your uncle the best quality of life that is possible in the circumstances.


You could try Penny Brohn UK (previously the Bristol Cancer Help Centre)(www.pennybrohn.org.uk). They are a charity who provide help and advice on living with cancer, as well as offering complimentary therapies. A friend found them very helpful when his cancer spread.

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