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Hi all,

I found out I was operable after 9 weeks of chemo. I then had the good news that due to the good response to chemo, I will be having a version of the op that does not require removal of a rib and deflated lung, and will only have one incision in the abdomen. It is an open op, not keyhole. Does anyone know anything about this version of the op?

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  • Maybe a transhiatal - that's what I had .Small incision on left side of neck and larger "roof top " ones like an inverted V on my torso .Sort of follow the lower rib cage .

    No broken ribs or deflated lung .

  • Maybe, but he definitely said only one incision in the abdomen. He didn't mention anything about one in the neck! How was your recovery?

  • Recovery was good thank you . I think would have been harder with the Ivor Lewis. Could you ring - specialist nurse ? consultant and ask for more details re the op ?

    You need to know .

    Which hospital will you be at ?

  • Well I'm having pre-op on Friday so will find out more then. It will be at Wythenshawe hospital in Manchester.

  • I had a different one (three stage so the cut on the neck, my tummy and the shark bite shaped one on my back) , that was 9th February 2006. It was not that easy for the first year as I had every complication going) but I am still here and I became a mother for the first time less than 4 years post surgery and the second time just prior to 5 years post surgery.

  • Wow to have had two children after the surgery is amazing! That fills me with optimism for my own recovery!!

  • Hello ..very encouraged by your recovery...congrats on babies!! Did your complications include anastomotic leak by any chance? My sister is 11 months post op and still nil by mouth with chest drain due to a hole at site of the surgery.

  • I will ask my spouse and get back to you- I forget most of it, sorry

  • Hi

    Well done on getting to surgery. That is a great result from the chemo.

    I had a "Transchiatal Oesophagectomy". This was carried out by the wonderful James Gossage and his team in St Thomas's, London. That did not involve any rib damage and is done through the neck and the stomach (two scars). I was home in ten days and recovered without much drama. That was two years ago and I remain cancer free!! and have returned to full time work in the City.

    I am unsure if this is the same as you are referring to? But I was told that there are benefits in recovery in the procedure over some of the other one's available.

    Who is your surgeon and where are you having the op?

    Best Wishes


  • My surgeon is Ian Welch at Wythenshawe hospital in Manchester. I'm thinking it might be the one you are talking about. I've got my pre-op on Friday so I'll find out then!

  • Ellie

    Sounds like you are in good hands. He will know James Gossage and his team. In my case the chemo shrank my tumour by 75% allowing for the Transchiatal Oesophagectomy to go ahead. It is still massive surgery but the recovery (I am told) is quicker and maybe less complex than with some other procedures, that have the same outcome.

    I also get to tell people that my neck scar was from battling pirates in some far off location. I wish you well.


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