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Went for my 8 mth post operation ct scan. Scan came back showing 2 small areas of concern, one in my lower abdomen and one in my upper chest, no main organs. They want to do a biopsy, the other choice was to do a Pet Scan and wait 6 months. Are all CT scan results cancer, or can this be something left over from the surgery ? I have not had any issues and the Dr. can't feel anything out of the norm. I was just wondering if anyone has had similar readings from their scans. I don't want to push the panic button just yet, I'm still recovering from the surgery.

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  • Hi Larry13

    No, not all CT scan results are cancer but I know I would do the biopsy (I'd rather know) than wait 6 months for a pet scan with it potentially growing if it were cancer.

    I am 5 months post-op so I am still to have my second scan, however as my surgeon pointed out, there are post-operative elements that show up on the ct-scans and they are not 100% accurate anyway.

    Best wishes and let us know what you decide to do as I am sure there will be others facing the same issues.

  • They found something in my liver at my 18 month post surgery scan. i opted for the biopsy and it turned out that it was sarcoidosis. Since that I have gone on to have my two children and it is over 10 years since my surgery at this stage.

  • After a CT scan I was shown as having an "abnormality" next to my aorta. This was judged "likely" to be a recurrence. Further PET scans and Ultrasonic Endoscopy gave me the all clear. The scans are necessary evil, doomed of you do, doomed if you don't. We had a six week wait between the CT and the final results. As a family it was just not good and had a lasting impact. I am now two years post surgery and have elected to have as few scans as is possible.

    Good luck.


  • Thank you so much for all of your feedback, it helps me put things into prospective. I will be doing the biopsy just to be sure, but the waiting between test results is terrible. I was just starting to get some normalcy in my life and then I thought, here we go again.

  • Hi yes i just had my scan post op 11months and lymph nodes showed up. I was T1 and lymph nodes clear in July. I have had a cold chest thing which i told them about. Now waiting 6 weeks for a further scan.


  • Thank you for your reply, I hope everything goes well.

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