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Possible secondary cancer

Hi there,

Went today for scan results 11months after Ivor Lewis where i was T1 all clear. Told they have found some enlarged lymph nodes in chest on scan. How shocked my daughter and i were. Been given option of waiting 6 weeks and having further scan or starting on another type of chemo which will only be palliative care. I have had returned to work at a school 2hrs 2 days and caught cough/cold which has lasted 3 weeks. I am hoping they have got it wrong.


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wishing you all the best Debbie for a positive outcome

Best wishes

Edwina xx


Thank you sometimes it helps to air things. Xx


oh it really does. PM me if you want a chat xxxx


Dear Debbie

So sorry to hear this - thinking of you and hope it's nothing serious.


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Debbie what a shock .I think I would ask if further investigations are possible .Or a second opinion ?

There was a lot of uncertainty about my lymph nodes and the dx was only definitive after surgery when it turned out they were clear .

I'm not an expert but Im think PET scans give a clearer idea ?

Love and strength to you x

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Dear Debbie,

If I were you, I would wait six weeks and have another scan. CT scans are not always accurate and a delay of six weeks in starting chemo is not going to make much difference.

Hope all goes well.

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Yes Thank you trying to keep busy. Fingers crossed they have got it wrong x


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