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Just had 3 weeks of flue symptoms using paracetamol and gp advised ibruprofen for soar throat. 4th week up all night for 4nights due to acid reflux, bloating, belching, white foamy bitter tasting phleghm, Burning pain in chest when coughing also abdo pain and cough as lots of bitter tasting saliva. Just been listend to by gp after mutiple visits to gp as they told me it was viral infection. Starting Lorazapm 30mg 1 a day and also using Gaviscone 2hrs after Lorazapam also sleeping better with bed raised 6 inches and mattress raised also sitting up in bed at night and in the day for relief

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Hi there. It's unlikely the flu symptoms have anything to do with it, but your sore throats more likely will have. If it feels and sounds hoarse, that can be a sign of the acid as well as the burning pain in the centre of your chest. If you've been experiencing that pain for several weeks now and perhaps over a longer period at night time it might be worth asking your go about an endoscopy. Ibuprofen should only be taken after food. Gaviscon ( or Peptac which is cheaper if you're buying it yourself) can be taken after meals to provide a protective barrier as well as last thing at night. Try raising your bed a bit further. But check all the above with your GP. February is oesophageal cancer awareness month, so worth pointing this out to them. I'm assuming by New Diagnosis you are worried you may have something more serious? Try not to worry too much at this stage.

Best wishes.


Thanks for your input I am going to make an appointment with Gp on Monday to discuss symptoms and he can check me out. Also I will raise about an endoscopy not taking I ibuprofen any more Gp advised not take after over the phone discussion. I new about not taking Ibuprofen with out food but was just that exhausted, stressed, confused and felt you could have cut head off and I wouldn't have been bothered. I only feel like that when really sick.


Have you had an endoscopy yet? If not then I would definitely insist on one to put your mind at rest that it is not anything nasty.


No not yet not feeling well enough to ask for one as just started on medication.


I know am discussing with gp this Monday sister- inlaw and husband have both had this sister i-law had polyups in her stomach and husband has Hiatus Hernia also daughter has IBS. Thanks for your concern.

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It is feasible that the bitter taste might not be acid, but might be bile, in which case some anti acid medication will not work as bile is an alkali. Gaviscon will work (temporarily) for either.

It might be the effects of the flu virus upsetting your stomach. It is frustrating, but if it has not settled down it would be a good idea to return to your GP for a check.


Thanks for your input bile is produced from Liver and goes to Gallbladder had Gallbladder removed in 2000. I had Gallstone which is hereditary in my family as my mother died at age 32 as Gallbladder Perforated and septicaemia then set in in 1974. I was 35 when I had my Gallbladder removed.

I have spoken to the Gp over the phone and gave in my symptoms I had a repeat prescription done for Lanzoprazole as I was on this in 2014 for as I was on a lot of painkillers for Arthritis in the back of neck 5th & 6th vetabra was on co-codamol, Gabapentin, Paracetamol and Lanzoprazole. I reduced and took myself off these in 2015 as not a pill popper have been doing ok still working . I have never been a big eater and wold miss out meals and have always had a dodgy stomach as this also runs in the family.

I am now feeling a lot better using Lanzoprazole, Gaviscone and a low salt, high fiber, low fat or fat free foods , Almond miks and oaty bread now mobalising better around the house no more saliva or wash out cough now reduced and bearable. Drinking more water and Decafinated Tea, have bloat, Burping reduced, not feeling less stressed and relaxing more. I have been able to have sleep through the night for 2 hourly then wake up with dry mouth sips of water then settle back to sleep for another 2 hours. Last night had insomnia though went to sleep at 4am until 10.30am maybe due to being a night worker though as routine was to sleep during the day as awake all night till 8am. Have done House work today am only eating small amount of food i.e. baby jar sized as slow to go down and feeling of fullness. Brush teeth regular as Bad Breath and stand whilst eating as if I sit down food comes back up into mouth from stomach . Also have raised bed by 8inches and mattress using single pillow much easier when sleeping. I can feel underneath breast bone bulge which moves when I cough and is tender to touch can't wear a bra as feels so uncomfortable. Will have an emergency Gp appointment this monday to have him check it out on a one to one and see about other investigations. Thanks for your advice and information much appreciated. Next is to lose weight also when feeling well enough have been out for walk around local park with Husband and the Dog as was always out and about walking it was nice to be out getting some fresh air.


I would lay £10 to a penny that at least some of your problems are due to what is known as Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome. This is a little known, poorly understood and hence neglected condition arising after removal of the gallbladder. I am preparing a post but it is a complicated matter and I will not finish the necessary research for a further two or three weeks.

Do you suffer from diarrhea? If so would you please describe your stool......frequency/consistency/colour/odor/etc.


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