Hiatus hernia

I was diagnosed in 2013 with a hiatus hernia at that point in time I was put on lansoproze I was taking that for about 2 years and then I found my symptoms worsened so my doctor changed me onto omzoprocile which I'm taking 2x20mgs daily .

For about the last 6months I have this constant feeling of bloatedness and when I eat I feel like my food is coming back up .

Just under my rib cage I can see how swollen my stomach is and I get chest pains ,I also have a bad taste constantly in my mouth.

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  • Maybe you need to increase your medication for a while as I have had to do. I was on one Lanzaprazole daily which did not seem to work so my doctor increased them to two daily. It has only been a few days but I do feel better. I am not keen on increasing them because of the side effects but my doctor said I can decrease them again when the acid is under control. I have pain in my chest under the ribs, breathlessness, cough, horrible taste and nausea. I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and Barrett's Oesophagus so I will continue to take two daily whilst necessary as I am scared things will get worse.

  • Hello, We are in the same position. I found that Lanzaprazole stopped being so affective after a long time on it. My GP switched me to Emozul (esomeprazole) and they suit me. If by some rare chance I don't take it in the morning, I don't get acid until about 4pm. With Lanzaprazole it always came at 10am. So it lasts longer too.

    I am seeing a Consultant next Monday to find out if I am suitable for an operation for the complex hiatus hernia that I have. (I too have Barretts).

  • Please let us know how you get on with regard to the operation. Sometimes I feel maybe that will be a last resort for me as I do not like the thought of having this for the rest of my life!

  • They have put me on the waiting list for key hole hiatus hernia operation. It is a complex hernia, he explained that it was twisted as well as displaced. Does anyone know how successful these operations are? He said that fixing the acid influx would help the Barretts O.

  • At least they are doing something. I am in pain and nothing helps with the acid which I am worried is making my Barrett's worse. I need to go to the doctors to get referred back to the hospital. The doctors do not help as they just keep giving me medication and nothing is working. Good luck. How soon do you think you will be having the operation?

  • Because there is no Cancer, I am not a priority. Possibly 6 months. I am pain free since giving up on ordinary food. I have Wiltshire Farm Foods pureed meals and lots of snacks, porridge, smooth soups etc. I am losing about 1 lb a week, so not too bad. Luckily I was overweight to start with! LOL

  • The feeling of being bloated is not normal, and it sounds like you are having a degree of reflux problems as well. I think you should ask to see your doctor, and describe the chest pains carefully. Six months is a long time for this to go unresolved; it might be a straightforward thing, but you do need to get properly checked for underlying causes.

    Try to make a time line just in case this might be a side effect of the medication (and check the leaflet for side effects).

    It may be that an endoscopy would be a good idea.

    As a temporary thing, you could try taking Gaviscon as well to see whether that makes a difference to the taste in your mouth. It can be effective for a few hours. I would also try sleeping propped up a bit.

    I think it would also be worth checking on whether your hiatus hernia can be repaired as this might be part of a solution better than having anti-reflux medication indefinitely. It would probably end up being something to be sorted out later, but it is worth checking.

  • All of AlanM's comments are cogent and worth following. I would also try chewing gum (sugarless). Particularly after eating, I have found this to stave off reflux even when PPI's and ranitidine did not. Gaviscon has given me instant relief consistently as well. Good luck!

  • If you have already received a diagnosis of Barrett's then, unfortunately, you are on a very slippery slope.

    Should you be part of the minority whose metaplasia progresses to carcinoma and if you are then part of the even smaller minority for whom an Ivor Lewis procedure holds out the chance of survival then be aware that that still entails a catastrophic impairment of your entire existence.

    For that doom-laden reason I urge you now, starting today, to undertake the lifestyle modifications which can forestall such an awful outcome.

  • I'm with GutlessWonder 100%: get on it ASAP...

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