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Early stages

Hello everyone

New to this forum, originally spent two days on a heart ward via emergency ambulance before being sent home and referred to cancer consultants plus had endoscopy visual OK, scrapes taken, get results on 7/02/17

On 40 mg of omeprazole plus peptic, this has cured the pain in chest to just low level

Trouble swallowing even sometimes liquids, and for no reason. Cough as well but not to often, loud flatulence and powerful, put on ccp.

Reading the forum, I consider I am in very early stages, doctors very considerate and helpful.

Good luck to all.


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Hi David, there is no point in second guessing what the endoscopy will show, if, as you believe you are in the early stages then you should fine massive reassurance from this forum that the outcome will be positive. My advice is simple, wait until the 7th , see what that day brings, and then, plan your future. Even if the news is bad the outcome need not be, if the news is good maybe it is the 'trigger' to reassess what is important in life as from personal experience before I was diagnosed what I thought was important is very different from my current views.

Best of luck and let us know the outcome, we are all here to support each other. Ray


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