Something stuck!

HI , I'm nearly 4 yrs post Ivor lewis and recently had a pyloric dilation which has been a success. Today after gardening seem to have something stuck , with lots of burping and saliva. It feels a bit uncomfortable to swallow. Have tried fizzy drink, ice cream and yogurt in small amounts to try to dislodge but to no avail! How long do I carry on before ringing my Specialist nurse?

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  • Just ring the nurse. They are normally happy to help.

  • Thanks, happy to report that 30mins after posting and keeping hydrated whatever it was went through.

  • Don't delay: call your nurse today. That's why they're allocated and that's their duty and function. After my IL, I felt that I had in manner of speaking used up my credit and that there were others treading the path behind me whose need exceeded mine. When on a follow-up appointment I admitted this, I was frankly given a dressing down. Our curative pathway involves a huge commitment of time, money and skill none of which should be jeopardized through a reticence to address matters before they become problems. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your team: make contact today!

  • Thanks, Agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying . No reticence on my part hence the post as an initial action. I have a great team to call on and have done previously- just thought someone might have had similar experience. Happy to report that kept hydrated and obstruction cleared.

  • That's excellent news!

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