diagnosis oesophageal cancer stent been fitted

hi i am new to this on this site, but have been reading all comments and it is really good to read all your experiences.

my sister has just been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer which is inoperable, she has not been able to eat and has had a stent fitted a week ago, she is in pain and feels nauseous all the time and is still not able to eat even soft food, this has all happened in the last six weeks so has come as a shock to all of us and quite upsetting, has anyone experienced this and will it get better for her, its so awful looking at her and not being able to help. she has been given anti sickness which make her feel drowsy and pain killers (paracetamol) she is due to see the consultant tomorrow Wed 25 January and i am worried this will delay any treatment if she is to weak, would appreciate any feed back. thankyou Dot x

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  • Hello Dot, my mother was diagnosed in September 2016, and had to have a stent fitted. Like your sister, her tumour is inoperable. Initially, she had some discomfort with the stent, but this has settled now. She was put on a puréed food diet, and has stayed on it, although the booklet she was given suggests that she moved on to 'normal' food, as long as it is well mashed and cut up. At the beginning, she also had problems with nausea, and retching, but this has also settled. It is a worry to see the person you care about going through such a hard time, but things should settle down for your sister. The main thing is that she perseveres with eating, and helps food down with a drink of water. It's very easy not to, especially if you are feeling sick, or in pain, but she has to eat. Has she been given any Fresubin drinks, or the Ames shakes? This are a good supplement if high calories are required. Her body will slowly become used to the stent, but how long it, I guess will take depend on her outlook and general health. If it helps, my mother is 79. Sorry to hear your news. All good wishes, Sue.x

  • Hi Sue thank you so much for your reply and I hope your mum is doing ok , yes my sister did take the nutrition drinks before the stent was fitted, but because of the pain she couldn't get a good nights sleep and that I suppose made things worse, but today she seen the consultant who will be planning her chemotherapy treatment has given her a stronger painkiller and at the moment she is tucked up in bed having nice sleep, so hope tomorrow will be a better day for her. Again sue thank you it is good to know that it will get easier. Take care Dot xx

  • I think there is probably a priority for taking in nutrition, and you may find the booklet 'Nutrition when it is difficult' helpful. opa.org.uk/downloads/docs/s...

    or the OPA helpline 0121 704 9860 will post it to you.

    Getting the medication right for anti-sickness and pain killers is a balance and sometimes needs some perseverance / trial and error.

  • Hi Alan thank you for your advice, I will get the booklet, my sisters anti sickness medication and painkillers have been changed today, so fingers cross it will help, Dot

  • I agree with Alan. Some trial and error is necessary to see what you can and can't tolerate. Boots sell some gooey stuff (can't remember what it is called) which is a thick protein filled custard sort of thing which kept my weight up. It didn't taste nice but it worked and it is specially made for cancer sufferers

  • Hi all, just an update on my sister from my last post, my sister and her family decided to go for second opinion, the outcome of that was originally treatment plan. We next went to see the first consultant at clatterbridge and my sister had the option to go for trial drug if she is suitable.

    The chemotherapy is XELOX 1x3 weekly for 3 months with medication to take home, when this is complete and if she has done well , she then has a 50 percent chance of receiving new drug AVELUMAB this we are hoping for. Her appetite has improved her weight has stabilised and pain from stent has subsided although she still takes painkillers. Just wondered if anyone has heard of or had this treatment thank you, Dot x

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