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Stomach pain 1.5years post surgery


My partner is now one and a half years post Ivor Lewis surgery and has managed to come off all his pain medication, he was having gabapentin and oromorph but has been without it for about 4 months ish now. He has developed terrible stomach pains roughly above his scar line on his abdomen. He said the pain is there all the time, sometimes dull ache and sometimes can be sharp, it is worse once he has eaten. We have seen his surgeon today and he has done a contrast CT so we shall find out the results next week, fingers crossed it's nothing major we have to battle again. Just wondered if anyone else suffers with these kinds of ongoing pains? We're hoping it's due to him coming off the pain meds but feel happy the surgeon is looking into it for us.

Thanks in advance, laura x

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It took me years but it does go with time - I still get pain from the ribs that they had to break when it is cold but I have a life, I get to enjoy being a mother to my two children that I had post surgery, I know that for the first 3 months post surgery I regretted it but then it set in that it was a chance not to look back and the pain is only occasional at best.


Yes don't get me wrong he's greatful to be cancer free and also be a dad to his little boy also. Just wondered if anyone had this ongoing pain after 1&1/2 years after the op.

Suppose we'll know more after the CT results. Glad your pain is occasional x


I have a 5 and 6 year old that I had before I turned 5 year survivor, I fully understand the worry. my life did not come back until 2 years post surgery.

Best wishes,


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There is always a worry that pain means 'the cancer has come back', but it does not particularly sound like it from what you have described. It might be some form of colic or nerve pain, for instance, and sometimes there is a build up of bacteria that causes problems (but that often comes in the form of diarrhoea). Or it could be something to do with the surgery that is taking time to settle down that has been masked by the pain killers.

The surgeons sometimes seem non-committal at this stage, but do not be worried by that. Having the scan is the best way of finding out what is wrong.


May I ask why your partner was on such powerful pain medication for so long after his operation? It is not normal after this type of surgery.

I would guess that the reason for the CT scan is to check whether there is any damage to his intestines as a result of the surgery. This is not uncommon and can result in small tears or nicks.

I hope they find out what's wrong and are able to cure it.


How do you know what is common and uncommon after surgery for every individual after an Ivor Lewis?? He was on gabapentin and oromorph prn. I don't think this is uncommon from what the experts have said. Yes me too.


Scan results came back all ok. So relieved! Just a small hernia in groin which we knew about before. phew! X


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