Christmas is nearly here!

First of all, I hope everyone has a good Christmas and enjoys themselves as much as they can. I know it is a time for much thanksgiving for many of us.

It is also a time when food and drink gets consumed in greater quantities than normal (and sometimes at less frequent intervals, or in richer, sweeter forms). It is worth remembering that many of us do not actually have the option of having those days off from our diet regime that weight-reducing dieters might be tempted to enjoy. So, much as we like the things we can no longer cope with, our digestive system does not recognise special occasions. Do not forget to take it steady!

For those not at home, it is sometimes worth trying to explain to generous hosts that eating small quantities of their food, or eating a small snack in between the big meal times, is not a reflection of your enjoyment of their hospitality. Other people do have great difficulty in understanding what we can cope with - we have enough difficulty ourselves! But a little bit of advance planning and explanation can make all the difference!

Have a good time!

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  • Thank goodness for pureed frozen dinners. I will be having a pureed turkey dinner followed by a pureed pudding, after cooking "the works" for the family. I have given up on "normal" food. It isn't a problem - it works for me. Happy Christmas everyone! xxxxxxxxx

  • Merry xmas Alan and thank for all your advice.

  • Thank you, Alan. All good wishes to you and every member of this amazing community.

  • Have a wonderful and joyous Christmas season, Alan. And like everyone else, I want to thank you for all the information and advice and support that you give on this Forum.

  • Thank you Alan for all your advice - it is always useful and helpful. I hope I can keep to your advice especially on Christmas day! We are eating out for the first time on Christmas day so am a little apprehensive but will heed your advice and talk to the restaurant beforehand. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too.

  • Thanks Alan

    Your continued advise is invaluable and long may it continue.

    We wish you and your family a merry Christmas.


  • Thanks Alan. How much folks on here rely on your help and understanding when most of us continue to say nobody seems to know what I am talking about. Just one piece of advice from an old friend, shut the office door [ only temporarily!!] and enjoy Christmas with Linda and the family. sally

  • Have a great Christmas everyone.

  • Have a lovely a Christmas. Allan and Thank You..x

  • Thanks Alan and to you

    It reminds me of my first taste of freedom post op which was on Xmas Eve

    The Xmas meal is not the best food to eat when you haven't eaten anything for a while dumping, reflux etc. Take it easy everyone and small portions to begin with. We are lucky we now have further Xmas meals to enjoy.

    Merry Xmas to all

  • Alan, your balanced comments, I am sure, are of great help to many. Happy Christmas and a good 2017.

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