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Oesophageal cancer Ivor Lewis Post Op

I saw a post earlier from someone asking how things were for those that have had this operation as he was considering not having it due to the invasive nature of the operation, I felt I had to post this- I was diagnosed in 2009 and I went 'under the knife' on 23rd Dec 2009. Things went well after an initial problem with my reaction to Morphine, but I was released after only 13 days and I managed to return to work within 3 months (1 day a week) then fully return within 6 months. It was a long struggle but now, almost 7 years later I know that having this operation was the best decision of my life- just consider the alternative!! Yes I have to put up with a few 'minor challenges' but it is a small price to pay to still be with the ones you love. Don't hesitate is my advice- The Cancer will show you no mercy- do unto it what it would do unto you - good luck and I hope you make a good recovery

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Here Here!

My sentiments exactly


The chance to not look back was something. I also wanted children and would not have had them if I had not had the surgery in early 2007 (mine was a total oesophagectomy).


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