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Acid Reflux


This is my first post so please excuse me if it is not posted in the correct section

I have had acid reflux for a number of years five to be precise, I have take Bisphosphonates and Anti Biotics as well as Anti TNF for psoriatic arthritis.

The first occasion I had an attack was in 2011 and have been given Lansoprazole and am on Zantac 150mg x twice daily.

I had a tooth infection about seven weeks ago due to,a cracked tooth and was given Metronidazole to treat the infection. Prior to this particularly at nights was experiencing heart burn and had a sour taste in my mouth.

I had to,attend several functions immediately after having my tooth extracted and found that when I ate the food would not go down properly. This has been ongoing since the 10th of October and am unable to,eat as it uncomfortable I can drink normally and am able to tolerate oats in warm milk, without any issues.

I saw my Consultant about seven days ago and he informed me that he wished to do a endoscopy.

When I asked him what he felt it was attributable to and he stated that it could be down to stricture of the esophagus and the fact that I hd taken a number of medications which can all have an effect. The weight loss is expected as I had this before but the dry throat is a problem at nights.

I do not have any retching which I had before and my concerns are how long will this persist the Consultant said he would see me again in six months.

I would also state that those of you who are suffering are in my prayers.

I am in my mid 40's.

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I strongly advise you to get some litmus test strips and after suffering a reflux, lick the paper. if it turns green, then your problem is bile reflux and not acid. I believe that 90% of doctors automatically assume that heartburn is the result of acid and prescribe accordingly. If it is bile these medications will make your condition worse due to the fact that acid will neutralise bile. Your symptoms are worrying and I would advise you to seek a second oppinion. 6 months is too long to "wait and see". I wish you all the best.


Go and see the doctor again and get that endoscopy done ASAP . DO NOT WAIT 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!! please get to see him or another doctor and have the endoscopy sooner rather than later- Good luck -


Chase your hospital relentlessly for that endoscopy appointment.

In the meantime look to mechanical solutions to ease symptoms ............have you raised the head of your bed at least 8 inches which will reduce the likelihood of and the severity of whichever type of reflux you are suffering from?

The oat porridge is excellent but you must avoid becoming malnourished. Take a multi-vitamin with mineral supplements. What about trying rich soups like Minestrone - this contains pasta (carbs) vegetable dice and meat protein. If this is too lumpy put it through the blender.


Thank you all for the replies am having a endoscopy next week.

Am slowly getting better and and will know more after the endoscopy.

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I have suffered with GORD (Gastric Oesaphageal Reflux Disease) since Autumn 2007. Omeprazole & other PIPs are not consistent in controlling this for me.

I had an ENDOSCOPY, very recently, which showed a weak SPHINCTER that does NOT CLOSE FULLY at the 'junction between my oesaphagus & stomach'. This allows excessive reflux from the stomach into my oesaphagus.

The Endoscopy also discovered a Hiatus Hernia & Polyps.

I was born with a 'Trachea Esophageal Fistula' (TEF) in 1966, which is an abnormal connection 'Fistula' between my oesaphagus & trachea/windpipe (preventing me from keeping food down; swallowing, eating; and breathing difficulties). I had surgery a few weeks after birth.

GORD is listed as a potential development problem of TEF in later life. I am now waiting to discuss this my my GP and try to sort it out properly.


Mansfield-Woodhouse, Notts.

7th November 2016.

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