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What are the chances of oesophagal cancer? UPDATE

I first posted here a month ago, and had several replies for which I was very grateful. My mother was diagnosed with a squamous cancer in her oesophagus. As she had not been eating properly for 4 months she had lost a lot of weight and had become quite frail, and this in itself has added to her problems. She has been in hospital for four weeks, but is due to be sent home with a care package, next week. Surgery is not currently an option for her as she is too frail, neither is chemotherapy. Also, because she has had a stent fitted, radiotherapy is not an option either. We are to focus on her building herself up again to her original state of fitness, and independence, and then take it from there, but clearly, without any treatment, the prognosis is not good. She can have another stent fitted inside the current one, as and when the tumour grows over it.

If anyone else has found themselves in a similar situation, then I would be happy to hear from you.

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This disease does strike patients who are sometimes elderly or frail, when major surgery is not a sensible option, and it may well be that what is proposed for your mother is the best option. Taking in nutrition is a crucial part of regaining or maintaining strength, and it may be that your doctor prescribes special nutrition drinks.

There is an OPA booklet 'Swallowing When It is Difficult' that you may find useful, either as a download from the website of the OPA or through their helpline 0121 704 9860.

Keeping up morale and coming to terms with the situation are also important factors.

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Thank you OPA_AlanM...Keeping up morale may be difficult for my mother as she lost her husband, my father, three years ago, but it is certainly something I aim to try to get her to do! :-)


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