Severe acid reflux

I have severe acid reflux or gerd. I have taken everything you can imagine, ppi, zantac, tums, if it's for heartburn I have tried it. The doctors even removed my gallbladder even though I knew it wasn't the issue but I was desperate for relief. I vomit at least once a week if not more, my throat hurts constantly, I have changed my diet drastically, I don't drink or smoke. I usually won't even eat after 3pm. I still have stomach pain, chest pain, burning in throat and wheezing. It's not heart issues I have been checked. Over the last 3 years I vomit on a regular basis and always in pain and I have lost over 60 pounds. At a complete loss as what to do now, any suggestions?

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  • At the very least you need a gastroscope to find out what is causing your reflux. It sound like a hiatus hernia, which can be fixed with laporscopic surgery. I have had my oesophagus removed so I suffer as you do every day - this is my routine. 1 hour before breakfast Nexium (eosmeprazole) 40 mg. Same before lunch then Ranitidine 300mg 1 hour before evening meal. Last meal and drink at 7pm, no alcohol. Avoid, 🌶 chilli, tomatos and most spices. If you are overweight try to get your weight down to a level that is recommended for your height. Avoid exercises that strain your stomach muscles e.g sit ups. Place 2 bricks under the head end of your bed. When reading in bed place a travel cushion round your neck, the type they sell in pharmacies or at the airport. Before you settle down to sleep try 10 mg of Cepacaine, you can buy this under the counter. Don't drink coffee and if you drink tea add a teaspoon if Manuka honey. If you do not have to eat 3 square meals a day try eating 6 small meals. Again, nothing after 7pm. Avoid processed food and try to reduce your meat intake and any foods that are likely to require greater levels of stomach acid to digest what you have eaten. I would recommend an organic meal plan with the 6 daily meals plus the meds I have suggested. Raising the bed is very important. If that doesn't fix your problem try sleeping on your back with the travel cushion plus 3 pillows. Most important of all is to have that gastroscopy and get a proper diagnosis. If you eat snacks make them the type that absorb liquid, so crackers, nuts or biscuits, banana, avocado, rather than soup or yogurt or strawberries or tomatoes. I'd be interested to know if you have any signs of improvement after 3 weeks of sticking to this.

  • Sadly my son is in a similar situation with severe vomiting once a week leaving him washed out the next day, we are also looking for answers, so if you gain any knowledge, please share, we both need answers, good luck

  • There is clearly something wrong and the underlying cause of it needs to be investigated, probably by an endoscopy and perhaps some other tests as well. Probably involving a gastroenterologist. I imagine that some of this must have been done prior to your gallbladder surgery.

    One main issue is to establish whether it is in fact stomach acid or bile that is causing you so much trouble. If it is bile, the PPI medication, and antacids will not work because bile is alkali. So that test needs to be done at a hospital (possibly with 24-hour pH monitoring device).

    Short term, Gaviscon is an alginate that might work against either acid or bile and give you a little bit of relief.

    If the medication route does not work, then anti-reflux surgery starts to became a possibility. There are devices like Linx, a metal magnetic bracelet that re-creates the valve effect of the lower oesophageal sphincter between the oesophagus and the stomach; and some other approaches as well. But combatting the reflux effects and the underlying cause are two separate issues, and you really want a solution to both.

    I wonder whether you have some sort of bacterial infection in your stomach that causes the vomiting, and that the lack of stomach acid because of PPIs has not killed off those bacteria properly? This is complete speculation, but it might be worth mentioning to the doctors as a possibility.

  • I had a total gastrectomy June 2012 and have suffered with swallowing pain whilst eating or drinking ever since. As I do not have a stomach mine would be bile and I take 20mg Omeprazole twice a day and Domperidone 10mg twice a day but the actual pain when eating mainly continues plus I often regurgitate my first few mouthfuls of food. Had a Gastrectomy 5 weeks ago where they took 4 biopsies that showed chronic inflammation only no ulceration a diverticulum was found but I am told this is a very normal finding and is likely as a result of the surgery. My bile attacks seem to have improved although still get the raw throat and bile/phlegm coming up at night normally about an hour or so after going to bed. My main concern is the swallowing issues that I was told initially would be like it for a year, then 2 then 3 and now long standing. As yet still have no answer to the question why and what can I do plus why do I have chronic inflammation that I assume would affect when I eat or drink. Have gone back to my specialist upper GI nurse but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • Have you been checked for a hiatus hernia ? I had exact same symptoms and a barium meal showed HH and narrowing of esophsgus due to chronic indigestion

  • Try chewing gum, particularly after eating. It has"cured" my reflux after surgery a year ago for cancer caused by years of reflux. Good luck. Worth

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