Promoting Awareness

Promoting Awareness


I am a survivor of oesophageal cancer and am supporting cancer uk and standup2cancer in promoting awareness of oesophageal cancer

I am going to have a party for my 5th year of being a survivor in August 2017 but am finding it difficult to find decorations in periwinkle or cake decorations and would like to find ideas for the party as you’ve guessed I’m struggling with this

It may seem simple to most people but ive found that since having chemotherapy I do struggle to think of ideas and with some mild memory issues

If you could help in anyway I would be very grateful


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  • Hi Maggie. Are you supporting the OPA too? We have our own awareness campaign, RefLux, and we run occasional awareness days. Haward

  • Yes I will be ...

  • Thanks Margie - sorry about the "Maggie" - I blame auto correct. Hope it all goes well. I ran a party for my 60th and donated to the OPA. But I just ran a normal lots of beer, lots of food and good music bash. Haward

  • You could try youtube for ideas, just type the word into the search box and see what comes up. Alternatively, if you are on Facebook, put the word up on your Facebook page. You'll be amazed at the idea that come your way from friends and friends of friends.

  • Thank you great idea

  • First of all, congratulations on doing so well. If you had known then that you would be as well as you are now, it would have made an enormous difference I am sure, and a great source of gratitude.

    Action Against Heartburn, of which the OPA is a supporter, is planning Oesophageal Cancer Awareness month in February 2017. We'll let everyone know the details in due course, but we are hoping to extend the exercise we did last February in distributing leaflets and posters, especially to local pharmacies. This is particularly to target the regular users of Gaviscon and other over-the-counter heartburn remedies, encouraging them to visit their GP to get checked out for underlying causes.

    Some people do complain about 'chemo-brain'.

    All the best for your party! I hope everyone enjoys it, because these events should be fun, shouldn't they!

  • Thank you Alan

    It seems strange that before I was diagnosed I didn't take Gaviscon as I had no need for it..... Since my Ivor Lewis I take it everyday ! If I can help to promote awareness etc please say

  • The reason that you now need Gaviscon every day is that after Ivor Lewis you will have the biggest hernia ever and will be much more prone to reflux. Can you tell me where I can purchase a T-Shirt like the Stand up to Cancer one you are wearing in your first blog. I like that one very much.

  • Hi you may be able to get one from the cancer research uk website I had mine from the photo shoot we did for su2c campaign that is being televised on Friday ch4 but I can ask for you if like? X

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