Flying seven months after Ivor Lewis.

How soon can I fly.

Hi I am new on here. Briefly I am 76 and in March this year had Ivor Lewis following 2 rounds of Chemotherapy. The latter left me with DVT in my lower left leg for which I am on warfarin every day. After difficulties with swallowing and repeated vomiting my consultant ordered a cat scan and gastroscopy. Thankfully both came up clear.

I am doing okay with just the occasional off day. My wife has been brilliant and without her support things could be more difficult. Now we need to go to Spain which would be 7 months after the operation. Would be pleased to hear if anyone else had flown so soon after their procedure. Warfarin clinic have n concerns.

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  • My spouse is on Warferin so he has to be careful with that though he has flown. I flew less than 4 months post surgery (I had the chemo first). I found the holiday was great for me and really boosted me. Best wishes,

  • Many thanks for your reply we are beginning to feel much more confident about the trip now.

  • Hi there

    I live in Jersey and had my IL in Southampton. I flew home 10 days after my op.

    Wasn't overly comfortable and I was still in some pain but it can be done.

    My medical team wouldn't have let me fly if they thought it was the wrong thing to do so I gook comfort in that.

    Good luck


  • My goodness 10 days after the op. Glad you were okay.

  • yeah, but REALLY wanted to get home to my own house.

    We went to Corfu 3 months later and away again 3 months after that

    your medical team should be able to advise you, all of us react differently to ops/medicine/pills/drugs/pain etc

    if you feel strong enough to go, then i say go!

  • Thank you that sounds really positive.

  • I had my op in November and flew to Abu Dhabi the following March with no problems. I would say go and enjoy it.

    Best wishes, James.

  • Thank you for your encouragement. I feel much better about the trip now.

  • Hi, I had Ivor Lewis in January 2015. Chemo started March 2015 and finished June 2015. I flew to Australia August/September 2015. No Warferin. I sought approval from my surgeon, my GP and my Oncologist. All were ok with it.

    Check your travel insurance !! The only one I could find was with American Express Travel and it was expensive.

  • Thank you Aussiepete. I have not had chemo after the operation just ameprazole every morning. My cancer Nurse specialist arranged a cat scan and gastroscopy at the end of June and both came up clear.

    Our flight is to Alicante and my GP and warfarin clinic are happy for us to go. Will check with surgeon. Thanks again.

  • I had my operation in May 2013. I flew back to Kuala Lumpur in early July. I then flew all around the east for the rest of the year. But ask the surgeon!


  • Thank you for your response and advice.

  • I flew to Spain 5months after my op in 2007. Our daughter lives out there and was keen to see mum was OK. Went to the Alhambra in Granada whilst there. Go for it but don't go without insurance. We use Columbus Direct and they are very reasonable.

    Good Luck

  • That's very encouraging. I take note of your advice re insurance. I have looked at one or two companies and the price is very high. We do have insurance but I guess the stomach cancer has to taken into account. I will look into the the company you suggest. Thanks again.


  • I flew from Singapore to Phuket one month after surgery (last May), with my feeding tube on for my in-laws' 80 yrs bd party. Got my surgeon's approval to fly. I was ok ... Then 2 wks afer flew from Singapore back to Brisbane without feeding tube, no pain meds, no problem..😂

  • Thank you for your response that was amazing and really encourages me.


  • Hi I flew away to Venice on cruise op was March too. It will be great for you as it has been for me. Enjoy.

  • Thank you.

  • The only conceivable issue is your age coupled with the recovery rate of the collapsed months should be plenty of time for rehabilitation.

    Prior to the op you will have had a lung function test and were deemed fit enough for the surgery. If you have any doubts you could ask for that test to be repeated. I did this but am different because I have also lost a lung.

    Did you ever smoke?

  • Thank you for your comments. I did smoke but stopped nearly 40 years ago. My lung partially collapsed but after 4 days in ICU I went back to the ward.

  • Hi, I had the Ivor Lewis procedure, following 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am now cancer free and I was able to travel 3 months after the surgery, which was in January 2016. I do have a few problems swallowing and have had one esophageal stretch with another due on Friday.

  • That is encouraging. Main problem now is getting insurance. One company turned me down and one or two are very high prices. I will just have to keep on looking. Hope all goes well on Friday.

  • Enjoy your trip! Try insurancewith tel 0203 733 7420 or 01732 853 365 they were a pleasure to deal with and very understanding rather than just ticking boxes! We are going to Goa for 2 months in Jan (I'm 3 years post Ivor Lewis op) but unfortunately they would only cover us for 31 days! So if anyone has any advice on long stay insurance I'd appreciate it. Another company called Allclear might be worth a look too. Angi x

  • Many thanks for your reply. Hope you have a great time in Goa and get complete insurance cover.


  • Thank you Andrew! Glad you had a good trip - we will certainly enjoy it once this travel Insurance is sorted! Angi x

  • I managed to get insured with Saga just for the holiday not for annual insurance. Price comparison on computer.

  • Thank you Kiddy. I have managed to get us insurance for the holiday with

  • We are now back from our trip to Spain. A huge thank you to all of you who replied to my original post. I managed to get insurance, and the flights were just fine. The weather was lovely for the first four days so we just relaxed. I did as my surgeon advised that is rest and eat small meals as if I were at home. Hotel were amazingly helpful on this issue. Our main task was to close our bank accounts in Spain as we lived there once, returning a few years ago. Now it is onwards to the next check up in November.


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