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Duodenal ulcer

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum I'm after a bit of advice if at all possible, I'll try to cut a long story short if I can next month will mark the 6th anniversary since I had a perforated stomach ulcer resulting in emergency surgery, doctors were flustered as the only symptoms I had was pain in Upper chest right side on repeated visits to gp no tests were ever done and I was diagnosed with gallstones and given meds, then it was an eating disorder as I wasn't eating then it was a pulled muscle, now I'm having similar pain and been sent away from gp firstly with a pulled muscle then last week a cracked rib my heads battered as they won't listen to me again not believing the only symptoms I had first time round was this pain,I may be a little paranoid thinking it's going to happen again I know that,has anyone else been through this or had the op more than once tia x

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I would 100% insist, given your history? on being seen by a specialist GI Consultant. Are you in the UK? If yes, in my experience GP's see themselves as the Gatekeepers of the NHS funds. This means that GP's are often unwilling to advocate "expensive" scans/ diagnosis in the event that nothing is found. If yiu have private health insurance? I would get a referral.

I speak from experience here having been diagnosed over a lengthy period with indigestion and sent away with Omeparzole including when I was bleeding heavily internally. I did infact have Oesophageal Cancer.

Good luck. Do not accept no for an answer. It is your body.



how did they do your surgery? I had a fistula, we believe now from when my abdomen and pancreas were separated to remove a tumor... they did the first three surgeries through my esophagus using staples and clips to close the fistula... the fistula didnt heal, I still had the same pain you're describing... it got to the point where last summer I started trying to throw up after the last esophageal surgery, we believe now I was trying to throw up the clips, etc. It ended last a September 24 with a surgeon going in laparoscopically and he ended up rerouting me to the point I was left with less than a one ounce pouch... I had adhesions everywhere... after that I had a feeding tube that became infected... the anesthesiologist at the hospital


the anesthesiologist explained that I had had a lot of nerves cut so that could also be causing some of my pain... I hope something here might give you some ideas... I had been told everything from arthritis in my chest to indigestion to my spleen was enlarged to all kinds of stuff until they actually looked... the scar tissue can even cause pain and problems with swallowing... I've gotten to the point now where it still hurts and I'm just tired of dealing with the doctors... it's not their faults, they don't know everything... all they can do is make educated guesses... I'll pray for you.


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