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Hi all

New to this. Had LINGUAL Tonsillectomy a year ago, since operation constant belching, sore throat, nausea, stomach and back pain, waiting apt with Gastroenterologist, was referred by my surgeon due to esophagus and operation area trashed with acid.

Surgeon thinks its gastro prob not throat problem, but needs to rule out esophaegal cancer. At mo struggling to swallow even water and losing weight. Got Hiatus Hernia and narrowing of esophagus which showed up during barium test six months ago.

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It sounds like you might need to have an endoscopy to establish the reason for your having so much reflux. In some respects your hiatus hernia might account for much of the problem, but the doctors are quite right to inbvestigate all the possibilities. It sounds very unlikely that this is caused by cancer and they are important words 'to rule it out'.

You might try Gaviscon to give you relief from reflux until you get your appointment.

Your systemn is obviously reacting badly to something, and I hope they can diagnose the problem soon.

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Thankyou Alan for the info, I agree re my system, I think its all over the place as I have taken so many antibiotics this lasy year due to chest infections since my lingual tonsillectomy, then shingles then pneumonia .


Narrowing of the oesophagus is often a sign of Barretts or worse, unless congenital. If this was diagnosed six months ago what has been happening in the interval - it should have wrung alarm bells?

An hiatus hernia can cause malfunctioning of the lower oesophageal sphincter which then allows gastric juices to leak up progressively into the gullet, throat, mouth, lungs, all with fairly dismal consequences, particularly if persisting in the long-term.

The term "acid reflux" is a misnomer. Gastric reflux can contain, in any proportion (a) Pepsin (a very strong protein-digesting enzyme) and Hydrochloric Acid, deriving from the stomach; (b) Pancreatic juice containing alkali and several strong digestive enzymes, deriving from the Pancreas draining into the Duodenum; (c) alkaline Bile containing several bile acid salts derived from the breakdown of red hemoglobin in blood cells and emanating from the Liver/Gallbladder complex also draining into the Duodenum. Since all those many components are designed to carry out swift digestion of food it is no surprise that if they get into the wrong place they 'set about' digesting us!

There is now a school of thought which holds that rather than the sheer erosive power of these substances the disease path is as follows:

Exposure leading to Irritation leading to Inflammation leading to Displasia (changes in cell tissue structure) leading to Carcinoma (cancer).

This is entirely speculative but I wonder if the need for a tonsillectomy was as a result of years of reflux?

You do need to get this sorted asap.Do not be too apprehensive.....I went through all this 25 years ago and, post gastro-oesophagectomy, am still rabbiting on about it !

How old are you?

Which hospital are you attending?


Thankyou for your very informative reply. I too think there is something more sinister going on. I am 47 yrs but has tonsillectomy when aged 12. Had lingual tonsillectomy age 46 as one lingual tonsil was huge and blocking airway. I woke up during operation too, but they tried not to acknowledge it. Since operation getting pain in right boob when eat or drink, feels as tho food going in there not to stomach. Terrible back pain rt side too like a dull ache after eating. Also chest pains. Unable to eat chocolate, strawberries, rice crispies as all stick in back of throat now. Still waiting gastro apt, chased up ent today to see status.


Upper right quadrant pain is significant.

Your weight has gone from what to what and over what period?



Weight was 11st 8 (5foot 4) now 10st 10. I did lose 7lb during recivery from lingual tonsil removal tho, which was April last year.

On upside, spoke to gp yesterday he is expediting my gastro referral :)


I also think you eere right re years of reflux and lingual tonsils removed, as surgeon said on first operation (biopsy, not removal) that my esophagus was trashed with acid, but nothing was done about it and that was dec 2013.


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