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Update on dad


Hi guys hope you are all well. Just an update dad flew in today from Pakistan cut his visit short as he was in severe pain could not cope it's a miracle he was allowed to fly. Took him straigh to A and E and they did X-rays and bloods and come out he has Gastroenteritis Dr said there's not much they else they can do and he needs to go to his dr they gave him morphine which the pain has now vanished dad is just zoned out and thankfully sleep after a horrible week of suffering. Taking him to his gp tommrow hopefully he will conduct an investigation just shocked that there is not much you can do as his pain is very very bad once painkillers ware off. Has anyone else experienced this.

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Where is his GP practice? In this country or back in Pakistan? If back in Pakistan then he needs to go back there as there is not much that they can do in this countrywithout a referal from him/her for a gastroscopy (camera down to his stomach to see what is going on).

Farrah in reply to 2Chrissie4

Hi my dads is British Pakistani he went on a holiday to Pakistan a few weeks ago he has his Ivor Lewis surgery here in the UK. Sorry I was not clear enough my dad has been cancer free for the last 18 months

Hi Farrah

It was probably not wise for your Dad to go to Pakistan18 months after such a serious operation. He has probably picked up a bad bacterial or viral tummy Bug. He will after rest and drink plenty of fluids. hope all goes well and I,m sure in time it will clear up



As I said in my earlier reply. Dietary changes can cause mayhem after this kind of surgery. You Dad will be very susceptible to infection & viruses. These are magnified by his lack of plumbing and degraded immune system. It is often said but sometimes worth repeating: "This is absolutely massive surgery" it is life changing. Surviving it is the first big hurdle. Allowing your body to recover is next. All this whilst having to be very selective about what to eat and when etc makes it a challenge. The good news is: It does get better. It does take time and careful planning.

Bruce x

I have found that I am much more susceptible to stomach bugs after the esophagectomy. The stomach acid is a primary barrier against viruses and bacteria, and that barrier is functionally degraded or destroyed after an esophagectomy. Hopefully that is all this is. \wc


Your father has been through an awful lot, but it does sound as if he will be on the mend now. Reduced resistance to tummy bugs may well have been a big factor. He will need lots of rest and to keep hydrated, if possible.

If he does not respond well, he may need to see a gastroenterologist, for instance if he cannot clear diarrhoea problems.

We wish him completely better soon.

Farrah in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your replies I'm very anxious as we have a ct scan tommrow and endoscopy next weeks . I have bough dad to A and E on 3 different occasions for this abdominal pain he's taken morphine then surgeon advised tramadol and he's been worse so put him back in morphine. He is in severe pain and feel so helpless he has also been constipated for the last 6 days which doesn't help aswell.

Thanks a lot guys love farrah

Hi Farrah,

Constipation can cause severe stomach pains. It's good to hear that an endoscope is taking place. Also ask for the results of any blood tests to see if they come out normal. Has the pain only started since his trip to Pakistan, or has he always had pain post operation?

Farrah in reply to jay2908

Hi jay they decided to do ct scans ASAP yesterday and they revealed his bowels had gone up in to his chest area this is the second time this has happend first it happed 4 days after his Ivor Lewis surgery and now it's happed again because of the large hole in his diaphram the bowels made their way up and that was the reason he was in such bad pain they did put a mesh over his large hall to stop the bowels traveling up. Yesterday the dr put a enima in dad and that massively helped dad went to the toilet straight away and let it all out he had poo stuck in his bowels and they said they maybe have to operate but hoping now that his biwels are loose they might not he's been really upset with this as its not happend one but twice

Have any of you guys experienced this also the surgeon did say it is quite common.

Thanks for all your lovely replies

Love farrah xxxx

Yes Farrah I had a diaphragmatic hernia of the colon, I had an operation a year ago to bring it back down out of my chest. Hopefully it won't happen again. The pain was very bad so I know how your Dad feels. I had a lot of diarrhoea after this op and it turned out that my pancreas got damaged and I now have pancreatic insufficiency and will have to take creon for the rest of my life. I had my IL 3 years ago. I wish your Dad well.

Nett x

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