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Oesophageal- Barrets Oesopagus, Hiatus Hernia, Gerd

My son now aged 51 has been ill for the past 30 months without his GP or specialists at North Shore hospital NZ having been able to help him. My plea is that someone out there should have an answer in the 21st century.

His marriage broke up 30 months ago but just prior to that, he was experiencing lump in the throat symptoms, commonly known as Globus sensation. These symptoms went on for about six months and was reassured by his GP that no action was required that the sensation would normally settle down. 2 years ago the symptoms changed and his symptoms are recorded in his diary. He has had about three gastrocopies, showing first an hiatus hernia and then barret’s esophagus. Operations were suggested, but not thought advisable, as they were not sure what they would be dealing with, there was nothing obvious that they could do, so now he has been left to his own devices, with symptoms not improving. Vomit is mainly a thick green bile.

If any one has any suggestions or have come across patients with similar symptoms and you have been able to treat successfully, we would appreciate your help.



Lansoprozole 30mg am and pm

Montelukast Sodium 10mg am


Ranitidine HCI 300mg am and pm

Domperidine 10mg am and pm

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Hi Mary I do believe that He really needs to see a Hospital consultant As I had this badly 9 years ago. it is so important to see someone that is only mainly studded in this problem.

I had that trouble with one doctor that gave me only tablets that treated acid reflux, I went to see my Wife's Doctor I was sent to a hospital straight away. if you can't see one see an upper GI Nurse.

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