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Hi guys hope you all are well my dad is 17 months cancer free he's been doing really well after being diagnosed with stage 3 oc but has recovered really well and has put on 3 stones. He recently went to Pakistan and will be staying there for next couple of months he has developed pain at the top of his stomach where his stiches were he has severe pain he said sometimes it hurts so much during the day and at night the pain vanishes he's on codine and paracetomol and not made much difference I don't know if it's anything to do with the weather as it is 40 degrees there he also said since yesterday after he's eaten he vomits a little bit but he said it's just water that comes out I'm really worried and have told him to come back but he is visiting family after a long time and does not want to rush back please can you give me advice would really appreciate it thanks again xxxxxx

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Can anyone offer advice on my post please are you able to ready my post please I would really appreciate it


It might be something that he has been eating, or perhaps eating differently, either the actual food, or deviating from the 'little and often' rule that is difficult to maintain if he is visiting family and friends whom he has not seen for a long while. So one possibility is an element of digestion / trapped wind / colic. I think I would be inclined to contact the specialist nurses for advice, and to see whether there is somewhere they could recommend in Pakistan where he might be able to go for a check, depending on where he is staying.


Hello Alan thank you for your reply.

There is limited access to specialist Drs there especially as my dad is living in the middle of no where nearest city is 2 hours away but he did go see a dr in our village and he said maybe due to routine change and the weather your having abdomen pain I have called dads upper gi she is not available till Monday just wanted to see if you guys could help with any info why this maybe happening.

Thank you for replying I've been worried sick and was really anxious no one replying to me thank you again



Dietary changes including fluids can cause mayhem with this kind of surgery / recovery. He may have picked up an infection? He will still be susceptible to any bugs/viruses.

Any further I can't comment. Alan has covered that.


It sounds as if he may need a stretch to open the entrance from the remaining esophagus into the stomach. This is likely the only definitive way to improve this. \wc


If I eat too much and then try to drink water too soon after I eat I found it makes me throw up, or regurgitate the water (and sometimes the food). It's often difficult to determine how much food is "too much" but I now try to wait about half an hour before drinking water after a meal and it no longer happens.

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