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Acid Reflux Query

Hi, im new to this site and im having a problem with my stomach.

Out of nowhere a week ago I regurgitated some diet cola and choked on it for a minute, from that moment Ive been a bit acidic around the stomach and I had another incident a few days after.

I self diagnoised acid reflux and the doctor agreed and put me on omeprazole for a month.

Before the tablets I would burp non stop and now after 5 days of tablets im burping after I eat and sometimes randomly like before.

Why am I burping, what causes it and will it go away?

I have trouble swallowing sometimes and my uvulva is a bit swollen and sticks to my tongue, are the troat problems due to the truma of choking or the acid, I read it's a symptom?

Whats causing the swallowing problems, it's hard to eat certain things and sometimes after eating it starts to get worse, i need to take a breathe sometimes and it feels weird when swollowing.

Since being on the tablets and changing my diet no acid has come up, how long will the troat take to get better?

Will the lower stomach spincter ever repair itself and how has it malfunctioned out of nowhere (i guess my diet is the answer espeically drinking carbonated drinks daily, but im curious to the technicals).

Can it repair and if so how long does it take, does the acid and bad food cause the persistants of the problem and if removing them will it repair?

Sorry for the extensive prose.

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Snowjon welcome to the site Ive been having problems with my stomach two I've been diagnosed with IBS bit I'm getting similar symptoms as you I was wondering if all the meds we have to take perhaps a visit back up the docs again might help I'm definitely going to see mine take care.



I am not a doctor. If concerned then you should go back to your doctor.

In my opinion. It sounds like you have damaged the lining of your throat with the initial acid reflux incident. Stomach acid is extremely strong and can cause a lot of damage through reflux, especially if it gets down the windpipe. It can take sometime to repair the damage due to fact that you are continually passing food & drink over the damaged area. Try and limit what you eat & drink to non acidic stuff and stuff that is likely not to be abrasive on your damaged throat. That in turn should help with any reflux issues that you have.

It sounds like you have two issues going on now and repairing one will eventually repair the other. Most people on here have or are suffereing from oesophageal cancer. Difficulty in swallowing is noticed by the food going past the throat but getting stuck before the stomach.

Persistent reflux over a long period is not good and must be treated. Omeparazole is one treatment as is Gaviscon etc. If it persists then return to your GP.


Liquid Gaviscon might help especially before you go to bed as it will give the soreness some protection for it to heal, also if you have problems overnight try raising the pillow end of your bed with something e.g. a couple of housebricks, this will help stop acid attacking your throat overnight as it's more diffciult to flow uphill from your stomach.


Hi snowjon , I was initially wrongly diagnosed with acid reflux , it was in fact achalasia ! Had the op around two weeks ago and it's changed my life ,I had many of the same symptoms as you describe so I would ask your doc about achalasia (many doctors seem unaware of the condition ) your doc will have to rule out some other things first .best of luck and please tell me how you get on .


The reflux can have a great number of causes, and the doctor has done the sensible thing by putting you on Omeprazole for a month. This medication switches off the stomach acid and often gives your system time to heal when the acid might make things worse. Stomach ulcers, for instance, are often resolved on this way.

When you return, your doctor might extend the medication for another month, or refer you for an endoscopy if your symptoms have not been resolved, or if further investigation is required.

Meanwhile it would be a good idea to try and stop the carbonated drinks like Cola. Ideally, your body would appreciate plain water. This may be a bit of a challenge for you taste-wise, but would be a healthier option and give your system more of a chance to heal itself.

Yes, an unhealthy diet can have adverse effects.


Hi snowmjon,, this happened to me several years ago, I fancied a spoonful of peanut butter, straight from the jar, don't know why ..first time, but I just couldn't swallow it, if I had not been near the kitchen sink, and managed to get a cup,or water, I honestly don't think I would be here..had an emergency endoscopy,which showed a small hiatus hernia and inflammation, and I take the OMaprazole daily still, At that time I was under a lot stress and maybe that was the cause...also I have had a bad habit of likening my cups of tea really hot...that's BAD so don't do that please

ANother thing make sure you always eat sitting up at the table and not on your lap..and try not to eat after very early evening...definitely no fizzy drinks.. At the moment I am cutting out sweets and chocolate as those sort of things really make things worse for me ..over the years I have had three endoscopes and seem to have got ride of the inflation, but still take the Omaprazole, and still get reflux and bad taste in the mornings.

I am an older lady and am supposed to eat little and often but I am never really hungry but make sure I do eat plenty of fruit and ve

I think perpermints are not good for this complaint

I would definitely go back to your dr soon it it's not getting better and maybe he will arrange an endoscopy for you. Take care



Thanks for the replies, im only on day 5 at the moment and i'm only experiencing burps after meals with no acid coming back up.

Ive alway drank water so im acustom to the taste but it's just the swallowing which maybe makes me drink a lot less, I would normally drink a 2 litre bottle but ive only had a 50cl bottle as it's only comfortable to take sips but today i managed two bottles.

I do enjoy a cup of tea but always let it cool right down, im drinking only water and eating soft wet food so it's easy to go down while it's hard to swallow.

I think my troat gets a bit bad once I start eating but with soft wet food chewed up well it's better on the whole.

Again thanks for all the replies


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