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Achalasia problem

I have sallow problem since 2000, balloon dilation was held same time now also i have problem in sallow not much i can manage by water. some month back i was having acid refelux but by controlling kinds of foods and using Aeloveera juice now i do not have acidity problem. but sometimes (one in a month) blood comes from mouth. it comes from teethes but some time i could not identify region of blood. recently i checked my hemoglobin, it was 15.4. due to same region last year i went to doctor, after endoscopy he told me there is no problem. please suggest me

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If you have a swallowing problem and you feel you need to have something done about it, and have already had an endoscopy, you might consider asking for a barium swallow test. Some people manage OK with a dilatation every few years, but seeing a specialist doctor in Upper GI (gastro intestinal tract) is the best source of medical advice .


thank you very much for reply. when ever i will go to Doctor i will ask for barium swallow test. My weight is 60 KG and vary 2 kg up and down. I have teeth problem also.

thank you


The acid reflux can affect the enamel of your teeth, so in addition to the other things, going to the dentist would be a good idea. It is important to have the underlying cause of problem diagnosed and treated, as well as the effects.


thank you, i never had much swallow problem but i have constant problem since 16 years. some times i feel chock in my neck. i take my dinner early , less spicy food, little bit turmeric in milk, Alobeera juice for digestion, now a day i do not have acidity problem and i take food (quantity) like others. Please suggest other things.


Taking Gaviscon can help acid reflux for a few hours, and if this works, it does tend to confirm that it is a reflux problem.


Any time there is blood you should get yourself checked by a. GI doctor. Achalasia can lead to esophageal cancer, dilation and rupture. I had Achalasia since I was born. When I turned 32 I esophagus was so dilated my complete esophagus was removed.


It is a good sign that your hemoglobin test is in the normal range. Are all of your other blood tests normal?

A big question for me is your nutrition level. Are you able to swallow enough food and liquids to maintain good nutrition and hydration? Poor nutrition can lead to bleeding due to poor clotting ability.

Good oral hygiene is also very important in upper GI diseases. Bacteria from mouth can lead to problems in other parts of the body.

As stated above, care from a specialist in upper GI diseases is a must. Just because endoscopy showed no visible problems does not mean that the esophagus is working well and allowing for good swallowing. \wc

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