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Hi All lm almost 8years post op been very well except the odd things we all get and know how lucky i am The last 2years had a really bad cough had steroids antibiotics, as asthmatic, it was the doc's first suggestion but to know avail After many different pills and potions Doc sent me for the camera down again Have lots of acid reflux so put on omerazole 40mg Really felt bad on them so now on 20 mg but still suffering Headaches sick feeling and general lethargic, appetite even worse than usual I know lots of you take them regularly any suggestions or alternatives Tried mornings as told and even tried nights instead but no difference sorry to say.

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These tablets made my symptoms much worse, I just stopped taking them and felt much better. Good luck.


When you had your surgery, how much of your stomach did they leave behind? The less of your stomach you have, the less acid gets generated. For those who have a total gastrectomy, their reflux is that much less likely to be acid, but more likely bile.

People who have been on any medication for a long while may have some effects from weaning off them. For a PPI like Omeprazole this can lead to a 'bounce' of extra reflux for a couple of weeks or so.

There are other PPI medications like Lansoprozole, and these work in much the same way ie they switch off the generation of acid in the remainder of the stomach, and I believe that some people do find switching PPIs helpful.

Zantac / Ranitidine is a histamine H2-receptor antagonist (H2 blocker) type of medication and works in a different way but I do not know anything about the dosage, but it is another medication that combats acid, normally for about 12 hours at a time.

Antacids (Rennies, Tums) work by swallowing tablets that are alkali and create a short term counterbalance to the acid.

Gaviscon is an alginate that create a protective raft that works against both acid and bile for a few hours.

The original surgery will have removed the lower oesophageal sphincter that normally keeps acid in its right place inside the stomach, so if it is acid that is refluxing you will need something long term, unless you are happy to continually swallow quantities of antacids etc.

Coming back to the original problem, if your cough was caused by reflux then it certainly needs to be sorted out one way or another, and if you are suffering from side effects of medication, it may take time, patience and being systematic to work out the causes and effects.

The official advice is to take PPIs before breakfast, and they do take about a week before they become effective.

I am sorry if this does not sound straightforward, but I suggest a) check that it is acid not bile that you are refluxing, b) be systematic about working out the side effects of medication, preferably with your doctor, c) you probably can try weaning yourself off Omeprazole if you are sure that you have given it a good chance, and that you know that you might need it at some dosage after all. You might have to consult a gastroenterologist.


Hi Alan Tony here, I am post op' 9 years, and reading most of the worries that new club members we have started with. ( as you Know a lot of problems with that stuck feeling is when you have just eaten, is often trapped wind. also you can with this op I see that a great deal of fellow club Members have bad Indigestion or heartburn. and Gaviscon is what is all ways given, but I found it too thick and often used to lay on top of the acid and I was still sick, so I sometimes look for new things to try in Boots, and ask if there is anything new.

I was pointed to Maalox plus Tablets that you chew, (most pleasant) and a Liquid is also so much better, and it also deals with Acid, and you get a large bottle by way of the Doctor. full recommend it. trouble is my wife has always suffered with Indigestion so takes my tablets.


Great to hear from you Tony! My word, 9 years pass quickly don't they!

Thanks for the tip about Maalox Plus for trapped wind. I am sure it will be useful for others.

Keep well,


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There are several different PPIs available. Some people tolerate one better than another. Would be worthwhile to ask your doc to try you on another, such as lansoprazole or pantoprazole. \wc


I,ve gone from 40mgs per day to one 20mgs every third day,everyone is different I know but It,s up to each person to find which dose is best for them.I started slowly by going down to one per day for two weeks and didn,t feel any better or any worse so went to one every other day for two weeks and so on.I now feel better on one every three days but if I do have a bad day usually if I get a acid sour taste in my mouth I just go back to one a day for a few days.I feel especially after the bad report the PPI,s got that the body needs a few days without any drugs to go back to normal every now and then.All the best.


Thank you all for your replies I have taken myself off the tablets as I really cannot stand the very bad headaches and feeling's I get on them I will go to my doctor and have a chat They did first give me Lansoprazole which also gave me pounding headaches I will keep you updated


You haven't said at what time of the day you experience reflux.

If it is after meals then control is often possible by sitting still (not bending over) and allowing time for the chyme to descend naturally.

If it is mostly at night ( this sounds likely given your obvious inhalation problems) then again postural control is possible.Raising the head of the bed 6-8 inches is almost guaranteed to prevent back-flow, provided you don't end up on your side or in the foetal position.


Hi gutlesswonder Thank you for your reply I do get some reflux in the day along with the cough but more evening and night and first thing in the morning I do have the bed risen a little also many pillows , tried sitting up to sleep but find I gradually slip down Maybe I should raise the bed even more ?


I am 6 years post op Ivor Lewis, I take my morning Opmeprozole with an Actemel Yogurt type drink and never have a problem, I take second one with water last thing at night.

Try It it works for me


Hi seventeen Thank you I will try that and see how I get on ,anything I feel is worth a try


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