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Hi, I'm new here and need a bit of help?

Hi I have GORD and have had this for many years - recently a whole spate of this has started again and is making me feel very sick and worsens during the day - by the end of the day I can hardly eat as it makes me feel so sick. I am reduced to taking several antacids each day but they don't work. I was tried on Ranitidine and Omaprozole both of which made me very nauseous. I have not been this bad for some time and I'm not sure what to do? Thanks all x

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Sometimes your digestion will 'complain' about something, and it is giving you a signal that you need to be investigated. I would suggest that you ask for a referral for an endoscopy and examination by a gastroenterologist who will be able to sort out the underlying causes of your problem. I believe that you should do this without delay. It could be a number of things of course, and catching things early does tend to make the treatment more successful.

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Hi, I can sympathize with you as I suffer with the same as you. I now drink a glass of water after each meal. Also before I get into bed. Sounds too simple, but it works. I mostly have GORD during the night. Good luck, sometimes the simple things do help.

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