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When will pain go away

Can anybody help me iv had a biodegradable esopheagal stent fitted and its holding the sphintcer of my stomach open which is causing acid reflux and gastritis !! Its causing me massive chest pain that has me feeling like im.having a heartattack ! Iv been to docs and gi docs the medication is not doing anything to help im at my whits end 4 & 1/2 of been in chronic pain !! Crying drinking water morphine is not doing anything for the pain even !! Can anybody help me out please

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Hi Chantelle

I just read your post and am so sorry to hear of your plight. I'm afraid I cannot offer any help other than empathy, but is it possible for you ask to see another Consultant, or another member of your multi-disciplinary team to help? There must be help available for you surely. Have you had a scan to check the positioning?

Kind Regards


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