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Blood from bowels

Blood from bowels after 2nd post op chemo.Always get constipated day 5,6&7. This time thought I would be prepared , howeveri took laxative and did I go. Unfortunately it ended up with fresh blood. Phoned hospital said probably a interior pile. Not to worry unless it doesn't stop or I get a temperature. Anyone else have this? Also take Gabapentin for nerve pain.

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They are probably right. To avoid haemorrhoids you need to try and keep your stools soft and avoid constipation, which is the very thing you were trying to do! A GP can check with an examination to feel whether you have a pile or not. They can clear up after a few days, but if they persist, it is worth getting checked. Ultimately you might get booked in for a colonoscopy (like an endoscopy but from the other end - more comfortable - and after taking a laxative to clear out your system). They sometimes send you for a colonoscopy because of age-related risks.


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