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I'm new here and looking for advice

I have recently been diagnosed with GERD and am looking at ways in which I can stop medication and control this through diet etc. I also have an associated problem which is small blisters in my mouth. These burst frequently and are most unpleasant. I have not found anybody else with this problem, but am sure that I am not the only person to suffer this problem?

An help would be most appreciated.

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I also so have acid reflux I have had all the test and nothing can be done for me they say medication is all that will help but is does not help when I sleep at night the acid comes up and burns my mouth my tounge and lips burn all the time so I know how you feel not sure if there is anything we can do I just have to live with it


Court I get small blisters around the outside of my mouth and splits in the corners .


I am not a qualified doctor or dietician.

In my experience (eighteen months post op - Transachial Oesophagectomy) changes to diet and eating habits, are the only help, other than medication.

Cut out simple sugar - in fact, try and cut out all sugar.

Get rid of any fizzy drinks.

Bin the wine/alcohol supply.

No smoking.

No acidic food - citrus, lemon, lime, some salad dressings and especially vinegar.

Do not eat after 19:00 at night as food takes at least 2 hours to clear the stomach.

Try to sleep with your head up and on your back (never works for me) but I still set out to try and do this.

This stopped the acid for me. But boy is it boring. What I did find was that by doing above I can gradually introduce somethings back in again one at a time. This makes identifying any reaction very easy.

Some foods make your gut create more acid than is required to try and digest them. Keep a food diary and be honest about it ;^)

I now have virtually no reflux and when I do I can usually pin it down very quickly to a specific food.

As we say in computing. Sh*t in = Sh*t out.

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I had GERD and pretty much cured it for myself by cutting out almost all meat and eating mostly salads, vegetables and fish once a week. If you are really attached to eating meat, it could be difficult to stop -- so I would suggest really cutting down your meat consumption. It's worth a try. I really rarely have acid coming up anymore at night. If you feel that you might have an acid reflux attack, take some apple cider vinegar in water with baking soda. About a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Mix with a big glass of water. Drink -- you will burp --- and will not have the acid event. It really helps. Manuka Honey will help your throat if you don't do this -- and you do have acid come up. voiceinstituteofnewyork.com...


So after reading brucemillar and ElkaAnn you know all you need to know.


There is a product named Kenalog in Orabase, which is a topical steroid in a paste which can be used for mouth ulcers. It decreases the swelling and pain, and greatly decreases the healing time. Ask your doctor or pharmacist. It is prescription only in the US.


First of all, I think it is best to do this with the support of your doctor. Secondly, I agree that you do need to find out the cause of the mouth ulcers and try and resolve them (which may be made worse by reflux). Third, what medication are you on for GORD? If it is PPI medication, you may find this article useful:


Leaving off PPIs will likely create a bounce effect of reflux for a couple of weeks or so, during which period you could try Gaviscon.

I think I would also think about getting some kind of test done as to whether your saliva is acid or alkali, and perhaps some other tests re mineral / vitamin levels as these might contribute to your mouth ulcer problem.

There is often an underlying cause for GORD, and PPIs are meant to be prescribed for a limited period until this can be sorted out (eg stomach ulcers healing), so that should also be in your mind to ask your doctor about.

I hope this helps


Thank you everyone for your speedy and helpful answers. I did not realise that this was such a complex problem and that it will be with me for life. I love chocolate but find this does not agree with me. Well you can't win them all. I take Esomeprozole morning and evening, which I have to take at different times to my Parkinsons tablets as the Esomeprozole stops absorption of other tablets. I also take Gaviscon Advance at night. I think it is just a matter of trial and error for me to find out what foods set my reflux off. However, all your replies have been very helpful to me and, once again, I thank you for them.


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