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Hi , i am 31 weeks pregnant and my baby the consultant adviseme that he might have an esophageal atresia. They still can't diagnoesed what type until is born. I am very scared as they said that this might follow to others anomaly. They also explain what will happen after the baby is born, and is ll pretty scary.

Just wondering if any of you have some advise.


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Not in a similar situation but I did have children post treatment for stage 3 query stage 4 for this cancer - I had to wait for my scans when I was pregnant and that was scary (I had them before 5 years) but what you need to do is focus on your baby. Mine were born at 33 and 34 weeks but being a type 1 diabetic too did not help...focus on baby.


Thanks for your support, it means a lot.


This may be a similar kind of problem to TOFS and there is a website that gives support for these conditions tofs.org.uk/home.aspx

I can entirely sympathise with how worried you must be, but the only thing I can say is that there are specialist medical / surgical procedures that can be used if required. I know of one lady who was born with TOFS who is now in her 30s with a 5-year-old daughter of her own, so do not despair!


Thank you Alan for sharing you story. It is scary to think that my little baby have to have surgery, he will be so little. But you're right there specialist that will take care of him. I will defo getvin touch with this organization.


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